Guest Blogger Timberwolf: Cardassian Keldon-class Cruiser Review


Lootcritter here:  Timberwolf is back with a review of the T6 Keldon, from the updated Infinity Lockbox released lass week on the PC.


As always Timberwolf is a great source of information and new contributor over at The Pilot Review Show.  If you’re looking for advice I recommend you check out his YouTube channel

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Ok, ever since I first obtained the Galor class in-game, I knew the Keldon would come out as well. I mean, it’s the best Canon ship the Cardassians built and the Obsidian Order used these class starships with Romulan Cloaks!!! So I, along with a few friends, waited patiently (mostly) for this ship to become playable for what seemed like ages. Finally, after seeing it launch on PS4 and the leak launch on the Tribble, my friends and I finally acquired our Keldons on Holodeck.

Oh man, the Power!!! This ship does not disappoint at all, especially given her options for bridge officer seating! Having a universal lieutenant commander seat with Intel powers And a lieutenant Engineer with the same hybrid seating was a blessing!!! She has a great turn rate, and she can survive very well if you build her right. The trait, Insidious Tactics, while some might find a great use for it, I really couldn’t see replacing any of the normal traits I use or rotate in and out of builds for it. However, the Spiral Wave Disruptor Lance was great in the test builds. While the overall DPS output over the course of a run isn’t great, it does a nice spike damage, it’s single target debuff can be very helpful, and its passive disruptor damage boost and Intel power cooldown reduction all had uses on the ship and build, Especially when you are running Spiral Wave Disruptors as your main weapon type :).

So, once I had her geared up and ready to go, it was time for testing. She is highly agile, so piloting is key with her, but it is easy enough to get used to. I started off with a standard twin Fire at Will build, with twin copies of Emergency power to Weapons and Override Subsystem Safeties, to keep power levels as high as possible for as long as possible. Wow, was she strong! Now, while I died once during the Infected Space test, the fact that I still ended up topping the chart for that group told me that she could go alot higher with no deaths and keeping her spiral wave disruptors….and that I had a keeper for the fleet here. But, there was one variation I wanted to try before putting her into the mainstay fleet. So, I switched the universal intel seat from tactical to science and made her into an alternating Fire at Will/Surgical Strikes boat with extra science power, thinking I could make up for some firing cycle speed loss using other powers in the build for single targets while maintaining a good activation cycle for powers during F.A.W. cycles…..and yea she still destroyed everything 🙂 I haven’t decided which style build will stay on her for the long term, but I know she is staying in the fleet.

Here is the video of those tests::

So, in closing, whether using traditional build styles or experimenting with new Intel style builds, The Keldon class can dish out alot of raw damage power while surviving most anything. Definitely glad I have this ship and i’ll have to retire the Galor class to the second fleet now. I suggest you go out and grab one while you can. Until next time, Timberwolf is signing off.

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One thought on “Guest Blogger Timberwolf: Cardassian Keldon-class Cruiser Review

  1. Awesome vidoes as always. I didn’t see in the video if you showed the BOFF skills and such for the second Intel build that you mention above.


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