Massive Holodeck Update

a1e276adf431207b370ac9d1027349411477350962Hold onto your Butts

New Featured Episode: Echoes of Light

New Fleet Holding: Starbase K-13

Kit Revamp:

  • Kits and Kit Modules have been revamped to change how Kit Modules are equipped and to support Upgrading.
  • Characters no longer put Kit Modules into a Kit, but directly equip them on their Status page.
  • Kits now only give passive skill increases.
    • Kits with unique effects will continue to provide those effects.
    • Kit Modules can still be equipped to give distinct abilities.
  • Characters may now equip 5 Kit Modules regardless of level.
    • The distinctions between Fabrication / Mechanic, Research / Medic, and Strategic / Assault Kit Modules have been removed.
  • Kits and most Kit Modules can now be Upgraded.
    • Kits can be upgraded to a maximum of Mk 14 Gold Quality.
    • Standard Kit Modules can be upgraded to a maximum of Mk 14 Ultraviolet Quality.
    • Kits Modules from Lockboxes, Reputations, and the Winter / Summer Events can be upgraded in Mk, but not Quality.
      • All copies of these Kit Modules will be set to Gold Quality.
    • Specialization Kit Modules, as well as Crystalline Spike, Jam Subspace Transmissions, Chroniton Jolt, and Subspace Rift cannot be Upgraded.
  • Kit modules now show a recharge time on their tooltip.

Graphics Update:

  • The Visual graphics quality has been improved to meet the standards of DX11 compatible cards.
    • This upgrade includes a host of new lighting technology which will significantly improve the visual quality and is in line with the visual quality released on Xbox One and Playstation 4.
    • Players who have DX9 or DX10 only graphic cards will still be able to play but not benefit from the updated lighting system.
  • Graphics Tab in Options: Two new options have been added which can be turned Off or On:
    • Lighting 2.0: Enables clustered forward shading, global illumination with light probes, and an improved HDR system.
      • Having this turned OFF will display lighting as is was prior to this update.
      • Having this turned ON will display the new lighting system through the game for players that have graphics cards which are DX11 compatible.
    • Dynamic Lighting: Updates light based on environment.


  • Each character has been granted 12 additional inventory slots for free.
  • Player must be at least level 10 to purchase Master Keys.
    • This will not prevent players from being able to trade keys and use them if under level 10.
  • Players must be at least level 10 to join a PvP match.
  • The Galaxy Map is disabled for 23rd Century captains before entering the present timeline.
  • Enabled ship registry number for 23rd Century captains.
  • Resolved an issue where 23rd Century captains would play 23rd century and normal Federation beam out animation in the login screen.
  • Bridge Officers and NPCs which follow the player better match speed with player when player is walking slowly.
  • Resolved an issue which was causing a square field of dots to appear around the TR-116’s muzzle when firing.
  • Resolved an issue which was causing sleeping emotes to play incorrectly.
  • Resolved an issue where Frequency Remodulater didn’t play FX for 23rd Century Captains.
  • Resolved an issue where shadows were moving around incorrectly on Mirror Bajor.
  • Resolved an issue where summoned Drones played the FX glow from captain powers down to the ground and back again.
  • Resolved an issue where torches were floating throughout Qo’Nos.


  • The primary missions found on New Romulus are now in its own Episode Arc called “New Romulus” in the Episode Journal.
  • The primary missions found on Kobali Prime have been added to the “Delta Quadrant” story arc in the Episode Journal.
  • Minor updates throughout the Federation tutorial have been made to make progression smoother such as moving some contacts and objects to easier to access locations, increasing interact size, and increasing some waypoints.
  • Added more VO throughout the first 20 levels of content in the Federation Arc.
  • Added more waypoints for mission steps in episodes such as:
    • The Hunt is On
    • Tradecraft
    • Blood of the Empire
    • Bringing Down the House
    • Temporal Ambassador
    • Heading Out
    • Coliseum
    • Installation 18
    • Toward Freedom
    • Elwing, Dubhe, Lilsis, and Shahr System Patrols
  • Updated the minimum rank on Federation 2800 missions to match previous Cardassian missions as well as the Klingon equivalents.
  • Task Force Hippocrates: Resolved an issue where enemy ships could get stuck in asteroids.
  • Stranded in Space:
    • Resolved an issue where sometimes the Orion Slavemaster Battleship would teleport away during combat.
    • Removed redundant dialogue from the Transporter Chief when escorting the SS Azura crewmen.
    • Removed the optional mission to speak to Malcolm Sissel.
    • Resolved an issue where healing injured crew would not count towards the science officer accolade.
  • Diplomatic Orders: Resolved an issue where the starting spawn location was in the wrong spot.
  • Researcher Rescue:
    • Rebuilt first part of the mission so it no longer prompts to equip extinguisher.
      • Now players get extinguisher then have to deactivate a containment field to get to the fires.
    • Players can now get the extinguisher as a reward at the end.
  • Secret Orders:
    • Resolved an issue where enemy ships on the last map spiral downward from their waypoint making it hard to catch up to them.
    • Resolved an issue where the player could be attacked when reading the dialogue from Ambassador B’vat.
    • Resolved an issue where some enemy ships would not attack the player.
  • Everything Old is New: Resolved an issue where the Induction Coil interact was blocked by an object.
  • Traelus System:
    • Resolved an issue where the Thorium rich asteroid object would not display information at ranges greater than 10km.
    • The Thorium rich asteroid no longer drops loot.
  • Frozen: Resolved an issue where the transporter inhibitor could be hard to find.
  • Doomsday Device: Resolved an issue where the IKS Targ was stuck in the space station.
  • Installation 18: Resolved an issue where reaching an objective location did not advance the mission step.
  • Better with Friends “Preying upon the Weak”, Farn System: Resolved an issue where the mission would not update past “Help Repair any Disabled Borg Cooperative Ships” step.
  • Report to Gamma Orionis: Resolved an issue where the waypoint was on the wrong side of the galaxy.
  • Defuse the Situation: Resolved an issue where bombs could only be temporarily disarmed.
  • The House Always Wins:
    • Resolved an issue where framerate would drop significantly during the ‘Communication Shutdown’ step.
    • Resolved an issue where choosing to speak with the chancellor would cause the player to play the same segment of the mission twice.
    • Added a waypoint for ‘Communication Shutdown’.
    • Improved the mission flow prior to ‘Communication Shutdown’.
  • Gates of Gre’thor:
    • Resolved an issue where framerate would drop significantly during the first battle.
    • Resolved an issue where the Spectre of Treachery would be summoned even if the player chose ‘Not Yet’.
  • What Lies Beneath: Resolved an issue where a door could be walked through.
    • The door is just set to be open.
  • Smash and Grab:
    • Resolved an issue where the ‘Access Ship’s Computer’ objective could not be completed.
    • Resolved an issue where the Tactical, Engineering, and Science options could be selected by any class.
  • Fistful of Gorn: Added an interact glow to the satellite cables.
  • Bigger Picture: Resolved an issue where the player was transported to the wrong map after completing the mission.
  • Second Wave:
    • Resolved an issue which would cause a drop in framerate during the space battle.
    • Resolved an issue that caused ambassadors to wind up standing on their chairs by the end of the cutscene during the conference.
  • The Price of Neutrality: Resolved an issue where the objective “Speak with Unknown Romulan” would not complete.
  • Cold Call: Resolved an issue where the guards in the room with Ambassador Suresh would be hostile towards KDF captains.
  • Mind Games: Resolved an issue where not all objective interacts would glow making it difficult to find them.
  • Vault Shuttle Event: Resolved an issue where during the objective ‘Secure the Reactor Core’, player would not be able to destroy a ship stuck in a wall.
  • Tangled Webs: Resolved an issue where there were 2 door interacts to start the episode upon replay.
  • Resolved an issue that would cause players to transport to Sol System when choosing to Beam to Ship on the Romulan Flotilla.
  • New Romulus: Resolved an issue where players could be attacked when viewing the cutscene for ‘Web Access’.
  • Cutting the Cord: Resolved an issue where player was attacked during a contact dialogue.
  • The Vault: Added a waypoint to Starbase 34 at the end of the episode.
  • Painful Omens: Kit box now gives science captains a Dylovene Hypo instead of medical tricorder.
  • The Battle of Procyon V: Resolved an issue causing low framerate issues.
  • Sunrise: Resolved an issue where the top of the map would disappear at the edge of the system map.
  • “Test of Mettle” has been replaced with a Promotion mission.
  • Removed the hand off mission Battle Group Omega and replaced it with a hand off mission for the Borg Arc and a separate for the Undine Arc.
  • Battle Group Omega has been removed as a physical location.
  • Midnight: Resolved an issue with VO timing in a couple of cutscenes.
  • City on the Edge of Never: Resolved an issue where non Delta characters could complete the Delta objective.
  • Episodes “A Fistful of Gorn,” “All That Glitters,” and “A New Warfare” have been updated so that players can select a Duty Officer reward on replay.
    • If the player has somehow lost the unique Duty Officer granted on first play, the player will receive a new copy of that Duty Officer otherwise, the player will receive a rare random Duty Officer.
  • Resolved an issue where security officers on Nukara Prime would attack players of the opposite faction. 
  • Operation Gamma: Rebuilt section where player destroys shield generator to gain access to asteroid.
    • The shield generator targeting should now be reliable.
    • Also, the cutscene of the shield dropping is now skippable.
  • Infected Space queue:
    • Information contact windows uses correct Bridge Officer headshots.
    • Information contact windows and minicontacts now play for all players on a team, and should no longer interrupt cloak. 
  • Seedea System Patrol: Resolved an issue which was causing enemy ships to get stuck on the station. 
  • Temporal Ambassador: Resolved an issue where skirts were not being overridden by the Tholian Workforce costume.
  • Time in a Bottle: Phased-shifted Heralds walk now.
  • Added a Ship Repair Officer and a Medical Treatment Officer to Starbase 39.
  • Cleaned up the beam down and depart system messages in the Anigma Nebula to be less intrusive.
  • Resolved an issue where textures were missing in the Kroida System in Taking Care of Enemies


  • Fleet Holdings:
    • The various item requirements, such as torpedoes, devices, etc, and Commodity requirements, except for Contraband have been converted into a single Energy Credit entry.
      • Any partially completed projects will have their commodity/item requirements removed and replaced with an Energy Credit requirement and the associated progress will be lost.
      • Contraband will remain a unique entry.
    • Removed any Duty Officer input requirements on all Reputation Projects and increased the Dilithium input requirements by 100 per Duty Officer that was previously required. 
  • Updated the speed of non-targetable torpedoes to be faster.
    • The speed of targetable torpedoes has not changed.
  • Resolved an issue that had caused the Kelvin lockbox uniforms and Boolean Assault Cannon to be removed from the lobi store.
  • Adding power tag messages for Entropy Builders and Finishers.
  • Selling and Trading can now be done directly from the Crafting Materials inventory.
  • The Kit Module “Micro Photon Torpedo Launcher” now states that it is restricted to usage by Tactical career officers.
    • The vendor sell value of the “Override Shield Safeties” Kit Module to be consistent with other modules of the same type.
  • Resolved an issue that wouldn’t allow players to purchase the Elachi Qulash Frigate pets even if all requirements were met.
  • Resolved an issue that caused the “Recruit Romulan/Reman Bridge Officer” assignments to not appear.
    • These can now appear as rare or ultra-rare assignments at New Romulus Command for Romulan captains.
  • Resolved an issue where the Romulan Imperial Navy Combat Armor was buffing the wrong attacks. 
  • Multiple Choice Mark Package now correctly state they give Temporal Marks.
  • Removed some more text references to obsolete Crew statistic.
  • The Borg Science Boff from the Assimilated accolade is now available in the Reclaim tab of the Dilithium Store, and can now be unlocked either by completing an Omega Reputation project or completing the Assimilated accolade.
  • Resolved multiple description errors on the Rewardpack and Power Description for Fluidic Cocoon.
  • Chroniton Jolt now only affects weapons and kit modules. 
  • The Klingon Dyson Battle Science Destroyer is no longer called a Dyson Defensive Science Destroyer in some UI elements.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented the Fleet Aquarius Light Escort [T5-U] from being able to equip the Enhanced Inertial Damper Field console. 
  • The special Crystalline Entity Duty Officer “Mariah Kilara Marr” is now Bind-on-Pickup.
  • The Nihydron Destroyer and its T5-U variant now has 3 Device Slots instead of 2.
  • Starfleet captains can now remove the prefix on the Tholian Mesh Weaver and its T5-U variant. 
  • Discharge Repair Nanites from the Sol Defense set no longer shares a cooldown with Auxiliary Power to the Inertial Dampers or similar Bridge Officer abilities. 
  • Resolved an issue where the Prefire Chamber and Directed Energy Distribution Manifold Tactical Consoles had significantly higher upgrade requirements compared to similar consoles.
  • Resolved an issue where some TOS Disruptors were using an incorrect weapon proc.


  • Resolved an issue where many starting costume parts for Romulans had color choices which did not affect the costume.
  • Resolved an issue where color choices were not changing the color of Female Talaxians and Female Klingons.
  • The names for Klingon skin on male and female have been changed to match other race’s name formatting.
  • Removed a pink color option that was in the purple group for the Intel color palette.


  • Reputations are now hidden until the player is level 50.
    • This does not include the Events tab.
  • Resolved an issue where the Medical Bay would not list 23rd Century Bridge Officers in the drop down menu.
  • Promote, Demote, Mute, and Kick options now refresh the Channel Admin UI at the same time.
  • The C-Store now closes itself if opened during the login screen.
  • Fleet Assets icon in the inventory now properly displays Klingon icon for Klingon characters.
  • Admiralty Pass Button Icon and Admiralty + Doff Rewards and Requirements Scrollboxes no longer lag behind the window when moved.
  • Rewards and Requirements boxes are now a fixed size in Admiralty.
  • Players name is now listed in fly in text for when trade is cancelled between two players.
  • Resolved an issue where attempting to contribute while the “OK” from the previous fleet is still up brings a blank donation window.
  • Admiralty Schools no longer display “Daily XP Reached” when a school is maxed out.
  • The trade window now requires both players to confirm the trade after both have accepted


  • Slight animation updates to the following:
    • Herald Staff Weapon
    • Interacting with chairs
    • Federation tutorial cutscenes
    • Khellid death
    • Holding weapons when moving forward and backward
    • Forward sprint
    • Contact dialog animations
    • Melee attacks
    • Batleth combo power
  • Dead Undine no longer move.
  • Worf’s brows no longer covers his eyes in some contact windows.
  • Eyes no longer occasionally pop out when a player sits down.
  • Resolved an issue where sometimes character faces will have the wrong expression on their face when expressing emotions.
  • Shattering Harmonic Sword animates when it fires.

Known Issues:

  • Foundry functions will not be available for an extended period of time due to updates needed from the lighting update made in this release.
  • The lighting may be too bright or dark on some maps.

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