UPDATED: Oops – we got a leak, from Star Trek Online itself – T6 Intel Assault Cruiser


Release a T5, get a T6 Instead – wait, what?

This morning’s release of the massive update accidentally included a T6 Intel Assault Cruiser – if you released and then re-acquired the T5 variant, you’d get the as-yet-unannounced T6.  Several reports drifted into me from players who were taking advantage of this momentary error.  Star Trek Online quickly removed the offending glitch from the shipyards, and locked out the T5 Sovereign from Z-Store.

Note: we have been unable to confirm for players who got the T6 ship early if they will have that acquisition rolled back.

Neat Starship Mastery for engineering abilities.


The seating:


And the special console – wonder if it will be part of a set? Updated: It is part of a set!


11 thoughts on “UPDATED: Oops – we got a leak, from Star Trek Online itself – T6 Intel Assault Cruiser

    1. That’s right, no native Science seat. The T5 Regent is the same way. So, like the Regent, it’s sort of the illusion of a Uni seat


    2. I was part of a leak site that had forewarning of this ship and the Command variant. Yes, there are two variants of this ship. [I think now that one is out of the bag it’s obvious by the promotion’s name] I’m not sure if you want the info on the Variant (which is just a different console, trait and replacing the Intel seat with a different seat), so I’ll just leave this here if you want that info.


      1. The console is the other piece of the set that we know about. All it is is just the Merton Gas fired from a warhead. The trait modifies Eject Warp Plasma. It cuts the power duration in half, but adds a plasma explosion every few seconds.


  1. Yes Yes Yes I want it now!!! Cannot wait to get my hands on this ship. Intel Lieu Commander Universal for OSS III 😀 . Now the 3 piece set says Battle Cloak I am very intrigued.


      1. With regards to the other T6 variant, would it be related to the Nemesis version of the Sovy? I hate asking because of gift horse and all that, but that would have been sweet.


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