Cryptic’s XP post reads like it was written by Romulans.

Four weeks into the mess of DR, and we’re finally getting feedback regarding the state of XP progression in the game.  Charles Gray, Lead Content Designer posted the update at noon today.

The post is at its best confusing, and at it’s worse a crafted attempt at smoke and mirrors.  On the one hand they’re increasing the XP rewarded, but the amount of XP needed to progress is changing.  Net change is zero.

One thing sticks in my mind.  What about those of us who have finished leveling under the old XP rules?  Do we lose levels?

Update:  Apparently we won’t lose levels, but to progress to the next level mathematically we may have to ‘make up’ the points we’ve missed.  I am not feeling confident as previous changes to skill points have forced more RESPEC’s than they intended, and caused players significant consternation when trying to use new abilities they’ve earned – but did not appear until they solved the skill point issue.  Gagh!

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