The Two Faces of the DPS League: Need More Porch, Less Sarcasm

“git gud, scrub”

I’ve been harsh in the past when talking about elements within the DPS channel community.  Given they make no claims that they are anything except about min/maxing their DPS builds, it’s hard to understand why some use it as a platform to bully others.

Edit: It’s been suggested that this is a vendetta against the DPS league.  It’s not.  I’ve been a member since the beginning.  I just don’t like bullies who happen to be members of DPS. I don’t have the ability to change the environment inside DPS. I think it’s a lack of leadership in how DPS deals with them.  And to be perfectly honest, I’m not alone.

On the one side you have players like PorchSong who have gone out of their way to help other players to advance game mechanics and understanding to improve builds.  I respect that effort immensely.  My builds are where they are today because of that kindness.

On the other side, a core group who routinely belittle other players for fun.  This isn’t criticism designed to motivate the player.  This is bullying.

The changes that came with Delta Rising has produced many unintended consequences that have impacted the community.  The single largest has been the new divide surrounding DPS.  Those who can spend the money and have the skill to do it, and those who have to do it with skill alone.  You can be the judge if that perception is wrong or right.

The old queues are empty.  The bulk of the only activity remaining is now in a private chat channel for those who can break 10K or more.

This afternoon – based on a first hand account I trust –  a player was openly bullied by 3 members of the DPS league on his team.  The bullying continued into private messages outside of the team and DPS chat channels.

His response was to post in the forums. Sadly Cryptic does nothing to stop bullying in-game.  In fact the PWE Terms of Service does not mention bullying at all, but comes close to it in Section 15, subsection 15.2, line g:

f. “stalk,” threaten or otherwise harass or cause discomfort to another;

The conversation that followed in the DPS chat channels was interesting and while not excessive, certainly gives the reader a feel for smug attitude held by the DPS leagues most vocal member.  Here’s the full copy of that conversation in open channel.

PDF: Here’s the full copy of that conversation in open channel

In closing – come-on DPS league – you are better than this.  Give us more Porch, and a lot less Sarcasm.

6 thoughts on “The Two Faces of the DPS League: Need More Porch, Less Sarcasm

  1. If someone is having issues with members of the DPS League then the correct action would be to contact one of the admins and provide some kind of proof. a bad action would be to post on the forums and shit on everyone with DPS.

    So this guy had issues with some guys in a pug KSA run… how does he know they are from the DPS league? Where they wearing their Elitist badges that we hand out to everyone? It seems like the only evidence he has is: “they do DPS and insulted me therefor they are from the DPS League”.

    Some information for you: anyone and everyone who parses over 10k in ISA and has their parse uploaded to the DPS League gets invited to the channels.

    We’re up to around 2 thousand people in the 10k channel. We don’t give anyone a personality adjustment when they join. You’ll get nice people and assholes. The admins only moderate what goes on in the channels. If one member is harrassing another member then shit gets taken care of. ask anyone who knows me; i kick first and ask questions after.

    Whatever happens outside the channels, for example in a pug run, has nothing to do with the channels or their administration.

    someone used Sarcasm on the internet? woah stahp this madness.


    1. Thanks for the feedback.

      I’m sure his post in the forums said all that needed to be said. Hopefully he reported the instance to Cryptic.

      As for reporting to you: After reading the conversation within your channel about the incident which included two of your members involved, AND your direct responses to it (you were aware who it was, and laughed along with them), it was clear to more than a few that calling you out for bullying was the right thing to do.

      Right now your channel is the single best place in the game to progress and develop.

      I see it as an opportunity to build the community, and perhaps an even bigger opportunity for you to strengthen the game for the long term.

      It’s not your responsibility. You can’t control others actions. We don’t expect you too. But we do look to you (rightly or wrongly) to make it better for everyone else.

      Be the bigger man. Lead.


  2. I do not know who bullied shinnok918.

    Normally stuff that happen in a pug run is not my concern even if it was done my members of DPS channels (unless they say they are futzing around in the name of the DPS channels).

    It’s also not uncommun to see people in private channels making fun of forum posts. you will see it in the DPS channels, you will see it in RedditChat, in OPvP, even in PESTF. It happens and it’s not worth mentioning.

    Back to Shinnok918, without proof (which i have yet to see in any form) he could be very well making it up, obfuscating his own role, or he could have been the instigator and trying to paint himself as the victim.

    Send me some proof and i will take action; the last time someone got harassed in the DPS channels by another member i kicked the offender and demoted all the operators in the channels.

    If it turns out that it is someone who should know better that was doing the bullying then i can do something about it. I need to see something more solid than he said/she said.

    Sarcasm Detector


  3. I’m with sarcasm detector on this. For three years he’s been helping me reach my goals and the goals of others. From what I read he told them to stop. If he felt that they were really bullying or or in any way being rude he would do whatever needs to be done. I will definitely say that you bashing him the just by the article is wrong and you should be ashamed. Get both sides for your story. Sarcasm detector has written articles very detailed articles for how to better yourself in more terms than just dps. Rev@revrendplague


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