R.I.P. “Delta Rising is the Best…” MEME – That and, Merry Christmas ;)

Posters not heard from in days, their ‘Everything is Awesome’ videos disappearing. No response from them in-game or by email.  Their accounts oddly silent.

Update: Voporak’s awesome Youtube videos were taken down by – himself.

“I don’t really like this game anymore. It’s been going downhill for months. I’ve wanted to just stop, but something always held me back, kept dragging me in, and the more I stayed with the game, the more stressful it got for me. I just don’t want to be with STO anymore. I look at this exploitation of the Star Trek name and see a withered husk, with no hope of recovery. And please don’t try to change my mind. The folks this post is for – namely the folks who know me – know that I will not be persuaded otherwise.”

Entire threads, gone – not just archived. GONE. Memes forced underground?

And now propaganda interviews with Senior Producers? The true #STO Gamers know better.

Could it be the evil BlueGills working on their insidious plans throughout Cryptic itself?

Well, we will have to wait until January to find out.  Unfortunately where I’ll be hiding this Christmas lacks an internet connection.  Have fun, play responsibly, and I hope you have a Happy and Safe Holiday!

Back in a few weeks 😉


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