Confirmed: Command Ships are incoming to the Anniversary [Borticus].

Just confirmed by Jeremy “Borticus” Randall  at 7:17pm during the live Tribbles in Ecstasy broadcast – there are new Command Ships incoming as part of the Anniversary.  This is the first official comment from Cryptic.

He’s also confirmed there will be a ‘single’ commands bridge officer, if you want to use the new abilities right away, as Cryptic intends you to train your existing bridge officers into command specializations.

Also the Borg shot in front of the wormhole teased by Smirk?  It may have more to with the new Foundry top three system.  According to Borticus – it’s not the Borg invading DS9.   Disappointing 😦  Although he did suggest it was part of a Wormhole Lock box (he’s kidding).

Specialization points through the addition the new Captain Specializations will not qualify for RESPEC, as it’s seen as permanent.  The system is supposed to be “endless” in terms of options, not that it’s a major grind.

Check it out live right now.

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