Revised Infographic: Delta Rising Upgrade Costs 2015

Here we go again 😉  The new infographic takes into consideration the feedback we’ve had from the forums, pod casts and Reddit.  Thanks again to everyone who assisted in making this possible.

Reddit Update:

From the original Reddit thread.  Nice to know they've seen it ;)
From the original Reddit thread. Nice to know they’ve seen it 😉

Below the graphic is a bit of history surrounding this effort with a breakdown what we learned while doing this project.  I apologize for the size for the 2.8 MB size of the PNG.


A Little History about the Infamous Infographic – Version One

The original infographic was released shortly after Delta Rising for Star Trek Online by Cryptic Studios. The goal of the infographic was to provide a ‘sum total’ of the costs for upgrading the most common builds for current players. It was limited to a single starship, it ignored the ground elements, and it offered a somewhat fuzzy interpretation of a cash value to achieve the upgrade from XII to XIV.

The original Infographic was controversial. For many it lacked accuracy; it lacked citation and sources. For others they felt it was unreasonable and presented in a negative way during a time when Cryptic was struggling to get a handle on player reactions. And for even more people, the infographic didn’t seem to go far enough.

Cryptic reacted to the communities concerns by making changes that impacted the original infographics’ data, primarily in the availability of R&D materials and the actual costs associated with R&D. Player familiarity with R&D and now secondary sources of information (spreadsheets and calculators produced separately from our efforts) became available to revisit the initial results.

Lastly market conditions as to costs and availability have stabilized on the last 2 weeks as players have become acclimatized to the changes.

  • What did we get right?
    The initial costs remain unchanged, only the number of items upgraded has increased to reflect a full cruiser and ground equipment.CaptainGecko joked about the $83 cost associated with buying everything you needed.  In truth the total is closer to $100 – but – you can do it without paying money if you don’t mind grinding for an extended period of time.  Our estimates for a single toon is 69 days @ 4 hours per day.
  • What did we miss?
    Understanding the impact of R&D, and how it’s actually cheaper and easier than we first thought.  I’ll be dedicating a full post to crafting sometime in the next few weeks.
  • What did we get wrong? 
    It was more expensive to upgrade than we had experienced; there is a 50% cost difference between upgrading very rare and reputation gear.The tone in which the graphic was extremely adversarial which was due primarily to the frustrations we all experiencing.
  • What did we learn?
    A lot.  So much in fact we’re working on an Upgraders’ Quick Reference Sheet to help first time R&D players

What the Infographic doesn’t consider: Captains’ Runabout – Fighter – Shuttle, Quality options with upgrades, what upgrade options are ’the best’, the costs associated with leveling one toon from 1 to 50, and the variability with the RNG and availability or cost of acquiring R&D duty officers.

It doesn’t even try to take the Specialization process into consideration.  That may come as a later project after the Command Specialization is released.

We also understand that everything regarding costs is in a constant state of flux. Cryptic has made changes, and will continue to make changes as it see fit.  The rumored addition of Omega particle elements is one area we left out for lack of better knowledge.

As with the last infographic, if there is anything you feel we’ve gotten wrong, misspelled or provided poor attribution for, please let us know in the comments below.

7 thoughts on “Revised Infographic: Delta Rising Upgrade Costs 2015

  1. Very nice Info-graphic.

    At the risk of being called a “Cryptic-boy”,
    I must say that considering that as maxing out a rep system (for the first time) is “hard-coded” for 40 says (using only the 20 hr projects, at 2500 rep points per one, to get to 100,000 rep points), then 70 days, or even 90-100 days (if you are not doing 4 hr every day without missing a few on the way), for upgrade BOTH your main ship and ground gear from Mk 12 to 14, is not that “far-fetched” a number.

    That is, for a casual player with 1 or 2 toons…

    I whole heartily agree that for multiple toons, it does become very excessive – but Captain Smirk promised some “Alt friendliness” coming with the anniversary event – lest see what they bring…


    1. Oh! and that part about upgrade cost of ground gear, defending one person, being 578 time MAOR expensive then the 800 person aboard the ship…
      Yeah, a bit of a cheap shot there…

      It is amusing though… 🙂


  2. I don’t think I would ever put that amount of time in to get those items… it’s hard to see a casual player absolutely “needing” those items though right?


    1. That’s a hard one to call. If you’re at a @RyanSTO quality of player, then the answer is no you don’t need it. I tried and found it difficult outside of ‘normal’ when I was used to playing on ‘elite’. Most players will look at the shields, weapons and tac consoles to update. The 20-40% boost to DPS is too good not to go for. When you’re at that level suddenly the new consoles with the multi abilities (think 2 consoles in one) look better… it’s a slippery slope.

      Crafting makes all of this possible. In fact my opinion of crafting has done a full 180. I’ll be posting more on that next week.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, you kind of have to balance how much time you want to put into that if you’re a free to play player as well. Some things may end up being a “waste” of time I suppose, but that also depends on where you are too.
        I haven’t been an active player for sometime, but the grind can get very… annoying, lol. I started crafting, but I’m still low level if I’m remembering correctly? 😛
        Looking forward to reading it!


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