STO GOOD NEWS: Active R&D research projects by school increasing from 1 to 3.

After a relatively short test on Tribble, we got some great news this morning from Gorngonzolla:

Hi all,

I wanted to inform you all of some upcoming improvements we’ll be making to R&D research projects. You might recall that very early on there was a bug that allowed players to slot more than one R&D research project per school at a time. While this was unintended it did get us to look at this issue and to seriously consider the repercussions of allowing players to slot more than research project per school. Our concern at the time was that players might be able to progress through a single R&D school too quickly. At the time we chose to simply fix the bug.

However, after months of the system being in players’ hands and collecting data both from personal experience and from players we’ve decided to increase the number of active research projects per school from 1 up to 3. Our hope is that this gives players some options on how they can progress via R&D research projects. Players now have the option to focus on a smaller number of R&D school and progress more quickly instead of only being able to spread out their experience in as many schools as they have project slots.

This change will go live with our Anniversary update later this month. We look forward to getting this improvement rolled out and into your hands!

Phil “Gorngonzolla” Zeleski

Cryptic Studios

Lead Systems Designer

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