Bridge Officer training to be ‘incomplete’ at launch, will reset rare doff skills.

Two Tribble forum postings today have given us the heads up that the officer training system will be launched incomplete.  The ability to have one officer share a rare skill with another officer (at the expense of that rare officer) is no longer available.  Additionally rare officers who’ve lost their special ability will be reset.

Moreover for the time being you will lose the ability to train them.  Full list below.

On the surface I don’t think this is a great move, as many of us have trained and retrained bridge officers to fit our personal choices.  It sounds like this is part of a mufti-step plan to roil out the new officer features, but the posts below hint that the planning process hasn’t really started.  Another rush to meet a deadline?

The real question is when this ability returns will it be re-monetized?

Originally Posted by warpdustdev

Rare Boff Abilities – When the system is released it will retrain any Rare Boff Abilities that a Boff had to begin with (so if a player accidentally untrained a rare ability, they will get it back on that Boff). We are also planning on releasing those Rare Abilities as Training Manuals in the future but we have not determined the method on it yet.


Mike “Warpdust” McTyre
Systems Designer
Star Trek Online

Originally Posted by warpdustdev

One feature that will not be finished when the system goes live is the handling of rare abilities that can only be obtained from rare bridge officers (randomly generated or special mission rewards). We are still working on this feature and will provide more information on it in the future. For the moment though we wanted to inform the community that if they already have these rare bridge officers or obtain any in the future to not delete them. Make sure to keep them and once this feature is complete it will allow players to train other bridge officers with those rare abilities. The details on how this feature will function is still under review and development.


Mike “Warpdust” McTyre
System Designer
Star Trek Online

The approximate list of powers affected include:
Engineering Ground
Weapons Malfunction III
Reroute Power to Shields III
Science Ground
Tachyon Harmonic III
Stasis Field III
Vascular Regenerator III
Tactical Ground
Battle Strategies III
Draw Fire III
Smoke Grenade III
Lunge III
Ambush II
Ambush III
Stun Grenade II
Engineering Space
Auxiliary to Structural III
Boarding Party III
Reverse Shield Polarity III
Aceton Beam III
Science Space
Mask Energy Signature III
Polarize Hull III
Tractor Beam III
Transfer Shield Strength III
Charged Particle Burst III
Energy Siphon III
Tractor Beam Repulsors III
Tyken’s Rift III
Viral Matrix III
Tactical Space
Beam Array: Overload III
Torpedo: Spread III
Target Weapons Subsystems III
Target Shields Subsystems III
Target Engines Subsystems III
Target Auxiliary Subsystems III
Attack Pattern Delta III
Cannon: Scatter Volley III

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