Vaadaur Lock Box Contents AND Lobi Store Additions Confirmed

An interesting selection of Vaadwaur tech showing up in the Lobi Store and the Vaadaur lockbox due to arrive with the 5th Anniversary this Thursday.  As usual the list just covers basic information with lockbox ship data due to arrive later this week.  Com’on ‘Trendy, post early and surprise us.

lockbox-vaardwar1First thoughts – Lobi stuff looks more interesting than the box contents 😉  And a new numeric bonus for R&R research.  Looks like Cryptic is listening…

Maybe do separate posts for the lockbox AND the Lobi store and give us a little more detail with each?  You could still do ship posts separately.  Just sayin’

Overview Summary with Lobi store mixed in for good measure:

  • Vaadwaur Manasa Assault Escort [T6] (lockbox)
    Frontal Assault Trait: Activate any Cannon-enhancing ability (Rapid Fire, Scatter Volley, Surgical Strikes) provides a boost to your Shield Hardness and Shield Regeneration along your forward shield arc.
  • Vaadwaur Astika Heavy Battlecruiser [T6] (Lobi store)
    Supremacy Trait: Gain a small boost to all Subsystem Power any time you damage an enemy while under the effects of “Beam: Fire-at-Will” or “Cannon: Scatter Volley.” This boost stacks up to 20 times.
  • APU Cruiser [T5] (lockbox)
    Really?  A Tier 5?  Is it upgradable to T5-U? Maybe this is the ‘new mirror’ ship
  • Vaadwaur Pythus Fighter (Lobi store)
    Every Pythus Fighter comes pre-equipped with a 360-degree Vaadwaur Polaron Emitter Array, and has integrated access to Cannon Scatter Volley I.
  • Salvaged Console: Vaadwaur Anchor Drone (Lobi store)
  • Genetic Sequencer (Trait Unlocks)
    Ground Sniper
    Ground Bombardier
    Space Anchored
    Space/Sector – Lead Foot
  • Vaadwaur Tech Kit Modules
    Engineering – Vaadwaur Anchor Drone
    Science – Vaadwaur Shield Drone
    Tactical – Polaron Bombardment
  • Vaadwaur Polaron Weaponry
  • Kobali Engineering Corps Veteran Duty Officer Pack
  • Vaadwaur Polaron Assault Debilitator (Lobi store)
  • Vaadwaur Polaron Rapid Split Bolt Rifle (Lobi store)
  • R&D Research XP Bonus Pools (NEW)
  • Mini-Tank Vanity Pets (Lobi store)
  • Full Size R&D Packs, and Mini-Packs
  • Vaadwaur Officer Uniforms (Lobi store)

Check out Trendy’s original post here.

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