How To: Omega Particle Stabilization Minigame

How To: Omega Particle Stabilization Minigame

The mini game is one of two missions you can accept from Q. Due to the rubber banding problem on ESD, you can find these missions by clicking on the 5 Year Anniversary Banner, select Hail, and the mission options will be available.

It’s fun, not that time consuming, and the rewards are excellent (see below).

Q assigns you three locations, either in ground or space to find and collect data. Each location will provide multiple chances to earn either a Red, Blue or Yellow Omega Particle Trace.   Each location supports one trace color.  The locations appear to be random, spread across adjacent sectors. Check zone chat as people are openly trading locations.

Hint: use you scanner to find other locations on the same map.  The scanner will read as zero, but will point you in the right direction.


UPDATE: Complete list of traces and where to find them (source Reddit, MMODesigner)

Traces earned can be combined using R&D Science to make larger particles:

  • 1 ea of Blue Red and Yellow = 1 Uncommon Omega Sliver
    (I keep calling them silver for some reason)
  • 3 Uncommon Slivers = 1 Rare Shard
  • 3 Rare Shards = 1 VR Fragment
  • 3 VR Fragments = 1 Omega Technology Upgrade –

In English: 81 Particle traces (27 of each color) and a little R&D effort generates an amazing ZERO dill upgrade that provides double the bonus of the Experimental Superior Upgrades (that’s 4x the research and double the Technology Points).

Know issues: ESD Ground is intermittent and difficult due to the rubber banding. ESD space does not clear the mission objective automatically. Transport to Starfleet Academy to trigger completion.

The minigame is remarkably simple, and it resembles a Luminosity Mind Game. In essence you tap on 4 keys to trap particles.


Rewards start at a base of 1 sliver plus a random chance to be inproved. Just by trapping one of the little samples, you will earn a common Omega Trace. The more you collect, the better the chances to earn a random Uncommon Sliver, Rare Omega Shard, or a Very rare Omega Fragment.

Some have found that scores of 1700+ get a sliver, and that scores in excess of 2200 are possible.  Best scores seem to be mouse-based, rather than keys.  I have experienced random rewards as well getting 2 slivers (separately) with scores under 800.

The random nature of the rewards was confirmed by Borticus:

It is possible to get Omega Slivers (Uncommon), Shards (Rare) and Fragments (Very Rare) from the mini-game, though the chances are very small. The higher your score, the better your chances.

Jeremy Randall
Cryptic – Systems Design
“Play smart!”

If you see any other behaviors or find better ways to “win” rewards in the game, please let us know in the comments below.

6 thoughts on “How To: Omega Particle Stabilization Minigame

  1. anyway the “top” possible score is 2600 points, but it don’t guarantees to recive shard or fragment; it usually give silvers


    1. They recently updated the reward list, in most cases you get a couple of slivers and an uncommon. I will say that I lucked out last night getting 6 R and 3 VR. Sat back listening to P1 podcast zoning out while i harvest.


  2. Best way of doing the minigame is to look for the patterns : e.g. diagonal row and simply move the mous e against the pattern, not too fast or you miss the capture. It takes a little practice, and let your eyes look for the pattern and let your mouse hand mouse almost automatically. You can regularly score 2000+.. The big prizes e.g. fragment +, shard + sliver I have only seen at around 1450 particles, surprisingly. 1600 gives 3 particles. !800 always gives a sliver + a particle.


    1. Good advice. I’ve also found that by lowering your gfx settings to low, your response time within the game improves enough to make it easy to get to 2000+, and with a little practice 2600 becomes regular baring now glitches with your connection.


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