Stealth Patch has vastly improved the Rubberbanding effect; Minigame fix at SFA

As a followup to our previous posts on rubber banding and the minigame.

Some great news in that a stealth patch (applied when you login to the game) have vastly improved the playability of ESD and Starfleet Academy.  The party patrol seems to have fewer bugs, and it’s easier to complete.  Kudos to the team for bringing a quick fix to this.

Unfortunately today’s Omega Particle mini game is bollixed in orbit of ESD preventing people from completing the mission for the daily bonus.  Many are reporting that they can still collect (which is good) but can’t turn the project in.  Bajor is also experiencing issues when Omega traces are no-where to be found.

The suggested work around(s) do not appear to be usable by many.

UPDATE: After an hour of messing about at SFA, I finally found one Omega particle hidden in the Recruitment area that allowed me to finish the today’s run.  Hope tomorrow’s runs are better.

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