Apparantly Omega Tech upgrades do work; it’s a UI issue which will be corrected.

@Borticuscryptic clarified the issue this morning:

Omega Upgrades are currently applying the correct amount of Research (or chance for rarity-up), and it is twice the amount applied by an Experimental Kit. The results you are seeing in the UI appear to be inconsistent because…

** pulls back the curtain **

 Research % is calculated as a ratio, based on the amount of Tech Points being applied.

So, when we created an Upgrade that was both 2x TP and 2x Research, the ratio works out to being the same, resulting in no apparent change in the UI. 

Now, having said that, we’re going to be checking in a change that increases the Research granted by Omega Upgrade Techs by an additional amount. Probably doubled-again, so that it ends up being closer to the final value reflected in the Tooltips.

If you’re specifically hoping to use these Techs to increase the rarity of your items, I might recommend not applying them until that change goes live (hopefully this week). We won’t be able to make the change retroactive to kits already applied.

Jeremy Randall
Cryptic – Systems Design
“Play smart!”

Borticucryptic – “I might recommend not applying them until that change goes live”

Everyone else – “hell yeah!  especially if you’re adding even more RP”

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