Priority One #207 Take Aways: Season 10 hints, Argala XP decrease and CD incoming to patrols

Listening to this weeks PriorityOne podcast with Guest CaptainGecko, and he’s covered a number of topics.

Things that stand out:

  • Goal to to treat XP and dilithium as a true time currency
  • Cool-downs coming to all patrols (Argala mentioned)
  • Argala is getting decreased XP rewards
  • Dilithium should be earn-able at a rate of 480 per 15 minutes of game time
  • Season ten is due in 3-4 months
  • Plans to retire other queues
  • It’s misinformation that queues are empty – our data points don’t show that.
  • [regarding changes to the queues]…we’ve been releasing things piece meal, and unfortunately is was poorly handled and perceived as a whole bunch of nerfs when you know they’re begging for new rewards – which is why we could have messaged this better.

On Bridge Officers:

  • Adding skills to bridge officers increase in price the more you add, the goal is to have a handful per bridge officer
  • The update script was partially responsible for the lag experienced
  • The ability to have a new bridge officer train another is a work in progress. The goal is for you to convert that new officer to a training manual.  This is coming shortly, it could not be finished in time for the release.
  • Some powers will ONLY be available by deconstructing this officer.
  • Rank III skills that cannot be trained, will be part of a future skills revamp.

As usual the podcast was generally upbeat and it was nice to once again hearing more behind the scenes information from Al Rivera.  It’s always good for a company like Cryptic to have an outside resource that’s friendly above all.

Perhaps my only complaint is Elijah ‘s opening monologue which included this gem:

(STO) staying true to a legacy of canon that would make most scifi franchises blush.
– Elijah, PriorityOne Podcast #207

Made me wonder for a second which game Elijah was actualy playing 😉

You can find the full Podcast here.

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