Omega Particle Research Projects to remain after 5th Anniversary Ends

BorticusCryptic dropped this little tidbit a few minutes ago.

Great news – the crafting of Omega upgrades will remain as a feature in a new ‘Special Projects’ research school.  Players who’ve ‘stocked up’ on traces can continue crafting the special zero-dill cost upgrades as long as they have materials handy.  I sense a decent after market on the source materials in the future.

This also likely means this isn’t the last time we will see this minigame active.

We recently came to the decision to allow the Omega Projects to remain available indefinitely, after the conclusion of the Anniversary Event.

We will be moving these projects to a new “Special Projects” R&D School in a future patch, so that they do not clutter up the Science R&D School as they currently are. The “Special Projects” School will behave very similarly to Officer Training in that it does not have any projects that reward, nor rely upon, Skill Levels or Research XP.

As stated previously, the Omega Stabilization Mini-Game (and thus source of Omega materials) will go away when the Event is over. But anything you have gathered between now and then will be yours to keep, and continue to refine forever.


Jeremy Randall
Cryptic – Systems Design
“Play smart!”

Currently listening to a live podcast for PriorityOne – seriously they need to add martinis while they do the show.

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