Updated: Fixes inbound for Neutronic Torpedo; Plasma Doping to be dealt with ‘Soon’

A couple of development updates from BorticusCryptic:

Neutronic Torpedo Behaviors

Yes, the torpedo is bugged (see full post here):

The current magnitude values being referenced by all ranks of Torpedo Spread is incorrect, pointing to the wrong variables, which results in far more damage output than is intended for any torpedo launcher. The same is also true for this weapon when used with Rank II and III of Transport Warhead, except it’s dealing far less damage than intended.

Torpedo Spread:
– Torpedo Spread 1 = Base Damage increased by ~42% per Torpedo
– Torpedo Spread 2 = Base Damage reduced by ~17% per Torpedo
– Torpedo Spread 3 = Base Damage reduced by ~36% per Torpedo
– Number of torpedoes and damage of Radiation AOE remain unchanged

Transport Warhead:
– Transport Warhead 1 = Unchanged
– Transport Warhead 2 = Base Damage increased by ~17%
– Transport Warhead 3 = Base Damage increased by ~33%
– Damage of Radiation AOE remains unchanged

Plasma Doping

Borticus replied via Reddit:

2015-02-06_1558Followed by this post on the forums:

Yes, we understand the issue here. The plasma procs weren’t built in a way that adequately supported upgrading to higher levels/qualities, and were exclusively balanced around lvl 50 content… so we have to figure out a way (and the time) to properly rebuild them.

If you’re unfamiliar with plasma doping, its the process where upgraded Romulan Embassy consoles provide a disproportionate plasma damage bonus for some weapons depending on the ships configuration.Β  It’s a complex process that seems to benefit from from unconventional tactical console usage.

Enjoy them while it lasts πŸ˜‰

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