Simple Communication Rule #1: Don’t make light of peoples problems. Ever.

I’ve held back touching upon CaptainGecko’s less than stellar interview on Priority One’s most recent podcast for a couple of reasons.

The first is that nothing really new was talked about.  PvP is a non starter, the KDF represent a small percentage of the player base etc.

The second was his poor comedic attempt at making light of loadout issues, the ‘hey everything else works’ excuse, and the ‘I don’t have a problem’ comment.  You can see a transcript of that conversation with Elijah here.

Meanwhile back in the forums, the Martin Mars water-bomber is being called into service.

I listened to the original interview, and he was trying to make light of the whole issue.  I don’t believe his intention was to be malicious, but I do believe Elijah should have pushed the issue with CaptainGecko.

Simple Communication Rule #1:  Don’t make light of peoples problems. Ever.

SalamiInferno on the other hand been communicating regularly, and it’s in that communication that I see things changing.  His forum posts are explained well and speak to the active player base.  Even his twitter posts move things in a positive direction.

My only sore spot with SalamiInferno is that yes, it is a grind after 50.  Whether you are a single toon player or someone with 10 alts, it’s a massively painful grind.

2 thoughts on “Simple Communication Rule #1: Don’t make light of peoples problems. Ever.

  1. Again another good post from you. You really have a nice way of saying things that have to be said without stepping on someone’s toes. But in one thing we all agree. Game became too grindy. There’s so many things that make ppl only play one toon actively. Most secondary toons get used for grinding dil mostly. Even i realized it’s not worth to play more than one. Since LoR i had 8 active toons but when they introduced grind after grind i had to take a break because of exhaustion. I now simply think that having more than one to three toons is simply not worth the time. They only advertise it so they can sell more crap but still fail to make lockbox ships account wide. Let’s face it some of the ships are more expensive than the zen versions due to their rarity but still you can’t reclaim them like the zen one’s. And now that the game gets grindier and grindier with each passing day they have to make a step towards the player base and give an incentive to make them play secondary toons. I for one dislike beein forced to use t4 ships and to easy lvl queues. I want to participate in the high end game play but simply can’t with my now 3rd grade toons. Which basically boils down to one point : it gets boring being on the short end. And grinding is simply not possible since it’s too time consuming to get good gear for all of them toons. Which is why most ppl I know switched to single toon play. I remember smirk saying “we really need some alt love” this is no sub based game all the really good stuff is hidden in those boxes and let’s face it they are not worth it compared to what you get out of them rarity wise. Make it easier to play or see even more players leave.
    What do you think? Am i totally off? Am i asking too much? Would like to know from someone who won’t get upset right away. Forums and even reddit became infested these days. Can’t have an opinion without being flamed nowadays.


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    1. Thanks 😉

      I am in full agreement. I started the blog really to vent and where possible start a conversation that might in some way influence the direction of the game, without being moderated or flamed.

      Two points – I believe the current changes negatively impact the casual player. This game is really designed for the long-term committed player, and not for someone who plays 2 hours a week. R&D (which I’m working on a post for) isn’t for the casual player. Beyond leveling to 50, the casual player has no incentive to grind out the last 10 levels, especially when they are left out of end game content. I do believe the omega upgrades are Cryptic’s way of throwing them a hail-Mary pass, BUT I don’t see it impacting the game until they offer omega particles again.

      My second point – the current redesign penalizes those of us who want to try everything. I’ve leveled 7 toons and currently working on my 8th for the R&D article. I’ve given up any pretense that the specializations are something to work for. I’ve upgraded all seven at a cost of over $500. I want to buy the command ships, but i’m running out of room and the thought of paying to store something I’ve payed for is hard to swallow.

      I am hopeful that the new EP is listening. With the current posts on the forum and twitter, it certainly seems he is.


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