Command Abilities Improvements Inbound

A post this afternoon on the forums by borticuscryptic has a number of positive (YAY) improvements coming to command powers sometime in the next few releases.

Here’s the full text of the post:

Reroute Power From Life Support causes you to suffer a temporary Cooldown Penalty – it’s definitely not a buff. As to whether or not that trade-off is currently worth the cost… well, that’s matter we’re open to hearing more feedback on. We can definitely consider improving the ability if it’s seen as unanimously inferior to other Bridge Officer Ability choices.

On a more generic “FYI” sort of note, I figured I’d pop into this thread and tell all concerned parties about some upcoming changes we’re making to Command Bridge Officer Abilities. Hopefully all of these will end up appearing in a patch either this week or next.

Call Emergency Artillery:
– AOE Damage increased by 60% at all ranks
– AOE Radius increased from 2km to 3km around each Artillery Vessel

Ambush Marker:
– Ambusher Ship damage increased at Rank II and III, by 25% and 50% respectively

Phalanx Formation:
– Markers are no longer visible to opponents in PvP, and do not grant their buffs to PvP opponents

Rally Point Marker:
– Instant Shield Healing value increased by 50%
– The Hull and Shield Healing values can now be increased using Hull Repair and Shield Emitters skills, respectively.

Concentrate Firepower:
– Duration extended from 15sec to 20sec
– Free “High Yield I” Mode now only triggered by Torpedo hits (to ensure it is not granted to a player that cannot use it)
– Any ally that receives the free High Yield I Mode will also instantly have all torpedo cooldowns reset
– Fixed a bug that was preventing the extra Kinetic Damage from reliably being added to Torpedo hits


Jeremy Randall
Cryptic – Systems Design
“Play smart!”

Concentrate Firepower is my ‘must have’ on any builds with torpedoes.  It’s effective and really exemplifies the idea behind ‘Command’ skills.

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