UPDATE 2: Tribble Update: Benthans finally have fix, Growing HUD issues is ‘undesirable’

Update: ZeronimusRex replied earlier tonight (below the video).

An example of the unusual performance characteristics with peoples HUD display, which may be the unintended result of the range of new abilities at play:


Hmm, lacks the oomph of Kurland. We’ll work on that.

This ability thing, we’ve all seen it and we all know it’s … undesirable. I’d like to gather some data (even anecdata) about it. While I know what my experience has been, it’s sometimes tough to tell if it’s typical or anomalous.

In your experience, is this UI lag, or are the actual activations of the abilities lagging?

Reply to ZeronimusRex here.


Tribble is being brought down for maintenance to update it to build ST.47.20150112a.32.


  • Resolved an issue where “The Battle of Korfez” could not be completed if Benthans spawned in the third phase.
  • Resolved an issue where occasionally a Klingon Command Bridge Officer would not have a Command Space Skill slot when purchased through a Requisition Bridge Officer contact.
  • “Desperate Measures”
    • Resolved an issue that would block progression if the player was defeated shortly after taking the turbolift.
    • More than one team member can now use the turbolift at the same time.
    • The title of the episode when entering the first map is now correct.
  • The following Kobali costume pieces can now be used with existing Uniforms:
    • Kobali Chestgear pieces “Kobali Harness” and ” Kobali Harness Tight”.
    • Kobali Backpacks “Kobali Pack 1” and “Kobali Pack 2”.
  • The Kobali Chestgear Harnesses no longer clip with numerous upper pieces.
  • Corrected the starship mastery ability list on the Romulan Command Warbirds.
    • Their second ability was listed as Enhanced Weapon Banks, when it should have been listed as Enhanced Singularity Circuitry.
  • Updated the UI for Bridge Officer Training to better match the style of the captain’s faction.


  • Command Bridge Officer abilities now generate slightly more Inspiration per activation in solo and small groups and very slightly less when in a full 5 person team.
    • Non-Command Bridge Officer abilities now generate significantly more Inspiration per activation in solo and small groups and remains about the same for full 5 person teams.
  • Kobali Regenerative Circuitry Set:
    • Kobali Reactive Hull Regeneration, 2 piece bonus: This passive ability now has a base regeneration rate that is present even at 100% health.
    • Kobali Nanite Screen, 3 piece bonus: Updated this ability’s tooltip to now state that there is a 120 second lockout timer.
      • There is no change to the ability here, just the tooltip.
    • Reactive Nanite Screen, 4 piece bonus: Corrected a typo in this ability’s tooltip to now correctly state that it causes 20% of incoming damage as hull healing instead of 50%.
      • There is no change to the ability, just the tooltip.
  • Ambush Marker: Being under the Stealth effects of this ability no longer prevents power/weapon activation.
    • However, the Stealth will only apply to players that are not in Combat.
  • Weapons enhanced with Surgical Strikes can no longer be activated while in Enhanced Battle Cloak.

Known Issues:

  • Secondary Deflectors do not have a category in the Exchange.
  • KDF players do not appear in the scoreboard at the end of a PVP match.
  • The Captain’s chair on the bridge on the APU ship cannot be sat in.

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