Tachyon Beam of Doom got you down? Check out this very helpful Reddit post.

As always the wise sages of /r/sto have some very welcome advice on how to deal with the new ISA Tachyon Beam of Doom.  Y’know – the changes that borticuscryptic needed to allay your fears over?

Posted originally by @mvs5191 here:

  • Tachyon Beam is a Drain, so anything that will help you resist Drains will help combat it’s effects
  • Power Insulators is your #1 defense. Spec into it. It’ll also help against other things, like Voth Acetons.
  • Hazard Emitters clears drains from things like Tachyon Beam and Tyken’s Rift. Use HE in this case to clear yourself of the hazard.
  • SciFleet helps boost your remaining shields’ resistance tremendously while also giving a healthy does of +Power Insulators
  • RSP. You’re still getting hit with Energy weapons, so this will help replenish your shields. There’s a decently cheap DOff that will help boost the duration a good bit. (For future reference, note that RSP won’t do anything to help you if you have 0 Shield power. That won’t happen to you in ISA, but it may occur elsewhere.)
  • TacTeam + Transfer Shield Strength. It won’t overcome the Drain on it’s own, but it’ll help build you back up afterwards.
  • High Shield power/shield regen. Higher power = higher regen. You still only get a ‘tick’ every 6 seconds, but you’ll get a higher one.
  • Kobali set. It comes with an awesome regen buff that scales with your hull HP. Won’t help your shields, but it’ll help keep you alive long enough to bring them back.
  • Hull resistances (specifically, Plasma). If your shields are gone, minimize the damage you’re taking.
  • Aux to ID + DOff (Matter/Antimatter). Aux to ID naturally boosts your kinetic damage resistance and also gives a hefty boost to speed and defense. The DOff not only increases the duration (so even a single copy has only a few seconds downtime), but also provides a massive +EnergyResistance. At purple, it’s +40.

In truth I like the changes.  Less emphasis on DPS (although yes, with 50K DPS, this isn’t a game changer), and a greater understanding of skills and powers to counter threats like this.  Not everyone likes this and I have had feedback saying that it completely ruins the tank-builds preferred by many.  It will be interesting to see how Cryptic will respond to this in the coming days.

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