Awesome Feedback: +Plasma Damage will have new mechanics, Science Captains can Relax

It’s been a busy day on the Cryptic Forums.  Thanks to @burstdragon323 for the timely update.

We reported earlier that changes to the Romulan Embassy consoles were likely to impact other powers in less than sci friendly manner.  People responded in the forums and on twitter.  In less than two hours, BorticusCryptic responded with a very positive change:

Good news, Science-wizards!

We figured out a way to keep the +Plasma Damage affecting Exotic Damage abilities (such as Eject Warp Plasma and Plasma Shockwave) without also spilling those benefits into unintended areas.

Player-facing, this will just look as though this Tooltip:

+8.4% Plasma Damage

… becomes this Tooltip:

+8.4% Plasma-based Exotic Damage

Hope that addresses some of the recent round of concerns.

Jeremy Randall
Cryptic – Systems Design
“Play smart!”
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He followed up shortly with a final summary:

Here, let me summarize (and hopefully clarify) the full scope of the changes we’re planning to make:

– The Plasma DOT has been replaced with a Plasma Explosion that deals all of its damage in a single hit, instead of spread out over a 15sec DOT effect
– The damage dealt by this Plasma Explosion is equivalent to 4x the previous damage of the DOT
– The damage dealt by these Consoles can no longer be increased by Consoles or most other Passive effects. (Temporary buffs such as Attack Pattern Alpha will still improve the Plasma Explosion damage)
– The Plasma Explosion can be triggered by all energy types, instead of only working with non-Plasma weapons.
– The +Plasma Damage bonus gained from these consoles now only affects Exotic Damage abilities (e.g., Eject Warp Plasma, or Plasma Shockwave)

Jeremy Randall
Cryptic – Systems Design
“Play smart!”
Follow the STO_DevTracker on Twitter!

This looks to be an equitable change which all players can get behind.  It doesn’t replace the plasma doping process, but it does provide a decent secondary value beyond the consoles primary usage.

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