Additional Rewards, Holodeck Release Notes for 2/26/15, plus UI fix incoming *fingers crossed*

Big news today with larger than usual release notes and the much talked about increase to in-game rewards included.

Charles Grey (@pwgroverclvlnd) just added the following:

We are pleased to announce a large-scale improvement to rewards to Star Trek Online. Over the past few months, we have been trickling out some minor changes, but now the bulk of the improvements we have been working on is complete and will be available this coming Thursday, February 26th.

The changes we made were based on your feedback, as well as extensive data mining of things like completion times, participation and success rates. The main goal we had in mind was to treat Skill Points, Expertise, and Dilithium more like a time currency – that is, you play for X minutes you will earn Y rewards. Although this will never be an exact science, we wanted to ensure that time invested would earn you similar rates of these rewards across the game – regardless of what you choose to play. This mostly meant an increase or addition of rewards to much of the game content, but in a few cases, there were reductions where some content was over-rewarding. What we did was look at actual playtime data, as well as our own internal playtesting, and normalized the rewards across content like patrols, queues, adventure zones, missions, etc. Not every piece of content has been fully updated, but most of the primary content was adjusted with this philosophy in mind.

PvE Queues:

  • PvE queues have had their Skill Point and Expertise rewards increased significantly. For most, this is approximately a three-fold increase.
  • Dilithium rewards for Normal difficulty PvE queues have been increased from 360 to 480.

Sector Patrols (Delta Quadrant and Tau Dewa Sector Block):

  • Dilithium rewards have been added to the sector patrols. The amount of Dilithium varies for each patrol based on their expected play time, but you can expect to earn somewhere around 480 Dilithium for a typical Patrol.
  • Skill Point and Expertise rewards have been adjusted so they give a relative amount to one another for the expected play time. For the most part, this meant a reduction in Skill points and Expertise for Delta quadrant Patrols as they were far over-rewarding compared to the rest of the game.
  • A 30-minute cooldown has been built into the sector doors for patrols preventing player from re-entering the same patrol until this timer is complete. This timer starts after the mission is completed, similar to the cooldowns found on PvE Queues. Patrol completion times vary greatly from patrol to patrol and from player to player. Adding a cooldown times allows us to keep the rewards relatively high, but still keep them normalized and acts failsafe in the event certain loopholes or exploits develop.
  • Tau Dewa Sector Block patrols now each reward 10 Romulan Marks upon completion of that individual patrol, and there is no longer a daily mission that needs to be obtained in order to earn mark rewards from these patrols. This should make them functionally the same as their Delta Quadrant counterparts.

Adventure/Battle Zones:

  • All Adventure Zone and Battle Zone missions award Skill Points and Expertise for completion.
  • We added Elite Marks (Borg Neural Processors, Ancient Power Cells, Voth Cybernetic Implants, and Isomorphic Injections) to Adventure/Battle Zones. We wanted to respond to feedback that there were not enough places to earn elite marks outside of PvE Queues:
  • Borg Neural Processors have been added as a once per day reward to the following missions on the Defera Invasion Zone: Modus Operandi, Getting to the Bottom of Things, Uninvited Guests, Counter Offensive
  • Ancient Power Cells have been added as a once per day reward to the following missions on the Kobali Prime Adventure Zone: At the Gates, The Last Stand
  • Note that you can already earn Voth Cybernetic Implants by defeating a V-Rex on the Voth Ground Battle Zone and the Undine Isomorphic Injections from defeating the Planet Killer in the Undine Space Battlezone in the Solanae Dyson Sphere.


  • Missions found in the episode journal will reward Dilithium for both first time play (a large bonus amount) and replay (a smaller amount).
  • Skill Point and Expertise rewards for mission replay have been increased (by an additional 25% in most cases).
  • First-play rewards for repeatable Delta Rising missions have been improved from Mk XIII Rare rewards to Mk XIII Very Rare rewards. Replay rewards for those missions remain as Mk XII Rare rewards.

These changes should be a vast improvement to your reward experience in Star Trek Online. Although this is the bulk of the changes we have been working on, we have a few more changes planned in the pipeline. We will also be monitoring playtimes, participation and success rates of game content and continue to adjust rewards as needed. We look forward to you enjoying the new improvements and, more importantly, your feedback.

Charles Gray
Lead Content Designer
Star Trek Online

 Highlights in addition to Charles notes above include:

  • R&D mods [Pen], [Thrust], [Snare], [Over], [Rapid], and [Sprd] come with a damage bonus (previously missing).
  • [Run] bonus applies 15% run bonus for ground items.
  • Command powers get a boost (see below for details)


  • A fix for tray UI lag.  *fingers crossed again*


  • Resolved an issue where occasionally, a new Bridge Officer could not learn a new power or change their default powers.
  • Commodities may now be purchased in bulk up to 250 units at a time.
  • The captain’s chair on the APU Bridge can now be sat in.
  • The KDF version of the “Summon Freighter” power has its proper icon.
  • Applied new FX and Animations to Heavy Artillery Vessels’ siege mode bonuses, which match the player version of this ability.
  • Resolved an issue with the Juvenile Passion Wing Risian Tropical Bird which caused it to have long tail feathers.
  • The Tholian Sword has had some art updates so the crystals on the back of the sword are more integrated into it.
  • Content:
  • Additional rewards have been added to many areas of content:
  • Dilithium has been added to all Episodes in the Episode journal.
    • These rewards are automatically granted just like Skill Points and Expertise is when completing an Episode.
    • This also includes Replays of Episodes but at a lower amount.
    • The amount of Dilithium earned depends on the scale of the Episode itself and is displayed in the reward list of each Episode.
  • Players will now earn more Skill Points when completing PvE queues in all 3 difficulties.
  • Battle and Adventure Zones:
    • Skill Points and Expertise have been added to each mission in these zones.
    • Borg Neural Processors have been added as a once per day reward to the following missions on the Defera Invasion Zone:
      • Modus Operandi
      • Getting to the Bottom of Things
      • Uninvited Guests
      • Counter Offensive
    • Ancient Power Cells have been added as a once per day reward to the following missions on the Kobali Prime Adventure Zone:
      • At the Gates
      • The Last Stand
  • Delta Quadrant and Tau Dewa Patrol Systems:
    • Dilithium rewards have been added to all Delta Quadrant and Tau Dewa Sector patrol systems.
    • There is now a 30 minute cooldown for replaying a patrol in these sectors.
    • All patrol rewards of Skill Points, Expertise and Dilithium are relative to the amount of time they take to complete.
    • The Tau Dewa Sector wrapper missions for patrols have been removed.

The associated wrapper mission rewards have been dispersed among each patrol available in Tau Dewa.Each patrol now awards 10 Romulan Marks.

  • All first play rewards for all repeatable Delta Rising episodes have been increased from Mark 13 rare rewards to Mark 13 very rare rewards.
    • Replay rewards for those missions remain as Mark 12 rare rewards.

Resolved an issue with the episode “Taris” where Taris could enter a state where she could not be captured. Resolved an issue where interacting with the Anomaly in “Viscous Cycle”, an Optional Objective, would be interrupted before completion.

  • The Anomaly can no longer be interrupted.

Hive Onslaught:

  • Decreased HP buff on Queen from +300% to +100% and on the Unimatrix Command Ship from +250% to +100% on Normal and Advanced mode.
    • Elite mode remains the same.
  • Decreased the optional time for defeating guards on Normal from 10 minutes to 6 minutes.
    • Advanced and Elite mode still retains the 10 minute requirement.
  • Increased max allowed players to be defeated during the Queen fight on Advanced and Elite modes to be 3 players instead of 2.

Resolved an issue with the Crystalline Catastrophe queue that made it so the event could not be failed when all players are defeated at the same time

Resolved an issue which was causing Captain Jurlek to not appear in his death cutscene during the Klingon tutorial.“Empress Sela”

  • Groups of enemies no longer spawn in the same spot during the Infiltration portion.
  • The episode now offers a “current Lock Box” option in the replay rewards.

Extended the interaction distance for the tactical optional objective satellites in the Idran system portion of “Operation Gamma”.

  • These satellites should now be interactable by tactical officers out to 2km.

Increased the range at which one can assist the Ocampan freighter in the sector map to roughly 1 light year.[*]There is no longer overlapping VO in the intro cutscene of “Borg Disconnected


  • The following Duty Officer Assignments previously available only in Star Clusters have been moved to the adjacent Sector Blocks:
    • Deliver Prototype Technology to Allies in Gamma Quadrant
    • Compete in Exhibition Ushaan Matches on Andoria
    • Raid on Industrial Complex, 6 hour version
    • Raid on Mining Colony, 6 hour version
    • Raid on Research Facility, 6 hour version
  • Resolved an issue that was preventing Romulan captains from ever having access to the assignment “Special Deal on Entertainment Provisions”.
  • Resolved an issue that was causing the following Military assignments to reward Diplomatic CXP, even to KDF-aligned Romulans:
    • Provide Additional Security for Delegation from Klingon Defense Force
    • Provide Additional Security for Delegation from United Federation of Planets
    • Provide Additional Security for Delegation from Acamarian Sovereignty
  • The following Romulan assignments can now accept Duty Officers from the player’s allied faction:
    • Common Duty Officer Reassignment
    • Uncommon Duty Officer Reassignment
    • Uncommon Duty Officer Transfer
    • Rare Duty Officer Reassignment
    • Rare Duty Officer Transfer
    • Very Rare Duty Officer Transfer
  • A new Research and Development School has been added called “Special Projects”:
    • This school will be used to house projects which are not directly related to any existing R&D School, and do not reward nor rely upon R&D Research XP or Skill Levels.
    • The existing Omega Refinement R&D Projects have been moved from the Science School, to the Special Projects School.
      • This will have no impact on Projects that are already in-progress.
      • Omega R&D projects will remain available indefinitely, as part of this new Special Projects School.
  • For R&D mods, added missing damage bonus for the enhancements [Pen], [Thrust], [Snare], [Over], [Rapid], and [Sprd].
    • This will cause weapons with those enhancements to correctly do bonus damage for their quality.
  • Added the [Run] mod as a possible mod for crafted ground weapons.
    • This mod grants +15% run speed while the weapon is equipped.
  • The massive beam attack used by Undine Planet Killers is no longer subject to the Beam Overload “always crit” mechanics.
    • It has been restored to function as it did before the recent changes to Beam Overload.
    • This will result in far fewer Critical Hits, but a higher base damage value for non-Crits.
  • Reduced the number of Reputation Marks required by the Hourly projects for Delta and Counter-Command reputations from 20 to 15.
    • This brings them in line with other Reputation hourly requirements.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented the gold rarity mod on Secondary Deflectors from applying correctly to the player.
  • Powers:
  • Command Bridge Officer Abilities:
    • Call Emergency Artillery:
      • AOE Damage increased by 60% at all ranks.
      • AOE Radius increased from 2km to 3km around each Artillery Vessel.
    • Ambush Marker:
      • Ambusher Ship damage increased at Rank II and III, by 25% and 50% respectively.
    • Phalanx Formation
      • Markers are no longer visible to opponents in PvP, and do not grant their buffs to PvP opponents.
    • Rally Point Marker:
      • Instant Shield Healing value increased by 50%.
      • The Hull and Shield Healing values can now be increased using Hull Repair and Shield Emitters skills, respectively.
    • Concentrate Firepower:
      • Duration extended from 15 seconds to 20 seconds.
      • Free “High Yield I” Mode now only triggered by Torpedo hits to ensure it is not granted to a player that cannot use it.
      • Any ally that receives the free High Yield I Mode will also instantly have all torpedo cooldowns reset.
      • Resolved an issue that was preventing the extra Kinetic Damage from reliably being added to Torpedo hits.
  • Command Bridge Officer Abilities and Kit Modules:
    • Many Command Abilities did not previously have correct Shared Category Cooldowns in place, allowing for unintended stacking capabilities when using more than one copy of the ability at different ranks.
    • The following Shared Cooldowns now affect all ranks of the listed ability, whenever any are activated:
      • Space:
        • Overwhelm Emitters – 15 seconds
        • Concentrate Firepower – 15 seconds
        • Reroute Power from Life Support – 15 seconds
        • Rally Point – 30 seconds
        • Subspace Interception – 60 seconds
        • Needs of the Many – 30 seconds
        • Ambush Marker – 30 seconds
        • Phalanx Formation – 30 seconds
        • Emergency Artillery – 15 seconds
        • Suppression Barrage – 20 seconds
      • Ground:
        • Take Cover – 20 seconds
        • Hammer and Anvil – 20 seconds
        • Overwhelm Shields – 10 seconds
        • Shock and Awe – 30 seconds
        • Strategic Analysis – 10 seconds
        • Delegated Devastation – 15 seconds
        • Timely Intervention – 30 seconds
        • Coordinate Bombing Strike – 15 seconds
        • Return Fire – 15 seconds
        • Sanctuary – 30 seconds
  • The healing bonus applied by the Regenerative Integrity Field console now scales better on high-end ships, offering a bonus that is far closer to the actual value reflected on the tooltip.
  • Neutronic Torpedo Launcher:
    • Resolved an issue that was causing it to reference incorrect damage values with Torpedo Spread:
      • Torpedo Spread 1 = Base Damage increased by ~42% per Torpedo
      • Torpedo Spread 2 = Base Damage reduced by ~17% per Torpedo
      • Torpedo Spread 3 = Base Damage reduced by ~36% per Torpedo
      • Number of torpedoes and damage of Radiation AOE remain unchanged
    • Resolved an issue that was causing it to reference incorrect damage values with Transport Warhead:
      • Transport Warhead 1 = Unchanged
      • Transport Warhead 2 = Base Damage increased by ~17%
      • Transport Warhead 3 = Base Damage increased by ~33%
      • Damage of Radiation AOE remains unchanged.
    • The power drain inflicted by the Neutronic Torpedo can now be resisted by things like Power Insulators.
  • Updated the Polarized Tetryon Beam Array and Polarized Dual Tetryon Beam Bank from the mission rewards of “The New Link”.
    • In order to reduce confusion with other Polarized weapons, these are now labeled as “Resonating Tetryon” weapons.
    • These now have two mods: [Chance] and [Dmg].
      • This means that their damage output should be comparable to other blue Tetryon weapons of the same type.
      • Their [Chance] mod means that they have a 5% chance to cause extra shield drain which is down from the previous 10%, because they now inflict more base damage.
    • These weapons are now fully supported by the Upgrade system.
  • Embassy Console Plasma Procs:
    • Resolved an issue that was allowing the damage of these procs to scale with consoles that improved Plasma and/or Energy Damage, including themselves.
    • Resolved an issue with their damage scaling potential that was causing them to benefit disproportionately from Mk XIII, Mk XIV and Gold-quality upgrades.
  • Aceton Assimilator: Now drains the amount shown in the Tooltip, minus any resistances the target may have.
  • Load Viral Torpedo: Resolved an issue where multiple Viral Torpedoes could get loaded within a single reload period when triggered by Tactical Team.
  • The “Chroniton Flux Torpedo” reward from “The New Link” was just a Chroniton torpedo with [Dmg]x2, and it now displays as such.
    • It can be upgraded like a normal Chroniton torpedo.
  • Resolved an issue with Enhanced Armor Penetration that was causing it to give 50 Armor Penetration instead of 5.
  • Resolved an issue that would sometimes cause Voth set items to not provide set bonuses such as “Hunker Down”.
  • Bio-molecular weapons now gain the appropriate bonus to damage based on their quality level.
  • Timely Intervention no longer attempts to rescue turrets and drones.
    • It can only be activated to save Players and Bridge Officers.
  • Ionic Turbulence:
    • The immunity period applied by being knocked by this ability now lasts 20 seconds versus Players.
      • NPCs still only receive a 10 second immunity period if knocked by this ability.
    • Resolved an issue that was preventing the Lockout/Immunity Period from working correctly.
      • Altered the power’s activation sequence so that it now travels to the target’s current location, instead of tracking them.
      • In other words, the projectile can now be avoided if the player moves quickly enough.
  • Resolved an issue with the Command Battlecruiser Console Set Bonuses that was causing some bonuses to flicker and/or not reliably apply.


  • Resolved a crash that occasionally happened when swapping between a map and editing mode in the Foundry editor.
  • Added a Bluegill Boss NPC Group.
  • Added the following NPC Contacts to the Foundry:
    • Dewan Arthropods
    • Rihan Sailbacks
    • Risian Feather Monkeys
    • Risian Lizards
    • Risian Tropical Birds
    • Snowman
    • Voth


  • Resolved an issue which was causing UI lag in the space power tray.
  • Resolved an issue which would cause the icons of valid powers to grey out when a power is moved to the power tray.
  • A Secondary Deflector category has been added to the Exchange.
  • Resolved an issue where a Carrier’s Launch Fighter UI would always be grayed out.
  • Added a Select/Deselect All button to the PvE Queue reward filter.


  • Substantial improvements to cloth outfits that allows them to hang much more naturally and have more realistic weight and movement overall.
  • The Mirror Universe Bajoran Combadge has been adjusted to better fit on all Female captains.
  • Caitian and Ferasan:
    • Tucked Ears have been removed from the options in “Feline Head”.
      • Tucked Ears were meant only for the “Hats and Hoods” category.
    • Caitian and Ferasan captains now have a Tails option when wearing the Kobali Armor.
    • Ferasan Teeth (Fangs), and Ferasan Facial Hair now appear correctly when in the head category “Hats and Hoods”.
    • Resolved an issue in numero

    us Female Uniform Uppers where elbows would look incorrect while in the Thoughtful pose including:

    • Dyson Uniform
    • Hirogen Uniform
    • Klingon Bortasqu’
    • Padded Romulan Fed
    • Romulan TOS
    • Sierra Uniform
    • Talaxian Panel Upper
  • Resolved an issue with clipping on the back and arms when wearing the Female Khan outfit.
  • Braided Hair option has been added to Alien captains.
  • Resolved an issue causing clipping when scaling the neck while wearing the Female Upper Motion Picture uniform.
  • Dyson Sphere Costumes textures have been made less “reflective” especially underneath the jacket.
    • The side of the pants is now less bulgy.
  • Removed lapels from male short Intel Jacket as this was not meant to have them.

Known Issues:

  • “EPS Power Transfer” from benefiting from the effects of “All Hands On Deck.”
  • The Cruiser Command – Weapon Systems Efficiency continuously flashes its application FX if more than one player uses this effect in the same area.
  • KDF players do not appear in the scoreboard at the end of a PVP match.

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