Updated Again: 20 Instances full, more filling. Players stop at Vulcan to say goodbye.


I’ll be updating as more comes this weekend.  Obama: I Loved Spock, STO Leonard Nimoy Tribute at #1 on Reddit, SalamiInferno – Tribute coming ingame, vg247, Cinemablend

The numbers keep growing as I’m putting this together.  Nearly a thousand players at 10:58 pst. I’ve moved the Starfleet Dental griefers to the bottom of this post no sense in giving them attention.

Others take it with a little more solemnity: here, here, even more here.  Reddit impresses me more everyday. The community as a whole is in mourning.

I wonder if Cryptic could give us a sense of the number of players who stopped on Vulcan today and over this coming weekend.  It would be a nice metric on their part.

Leornard Nimoy left an indelible mark on our culture and fandom as a whole.  I had only one brief encounter with him, and it wasn’t at a convention. I’ve bumped into other stars before, but he had me tongue tied.  For someone who is instantly recognizable by voice alone and well aware of the stares and attention, it was nice that he chose to break the ice with a smile.

I can’t put easily into words why Star Trek has played a big role in my life, but what I can say is that as kids I was always Mr. Spock – never Captain Kirk.  My first over-used word was ‘fascinating’, although i could never get my eyebrow to work quite like his.

In college my username was misterspock, and my password was LLAP.

Mission Impossible was watchable because of him.  In Search Of.. started my love of all things weird and unexplained.  Heck I even went out of my way to find an old copy of Zombies of the Stratosphere (not a high note in his career).

In the 1980’s while I lived in what was then West Germany, I watched Star Trek in German but I didn’t need a translation.  The voice actor wasn’t Leonard Nimoy, but oddly enough I knew what he sounded like in my head.

For Wrath of Khan, well,  I was a mess at the end. Pure fanboy.

Anyways – our instance is full now – 50 players surrounding the reflecting pool at the base of the great staircase on Vulcan.  Why don’t you join us 😉

2nd Update: A link from his official twitter account, asking for donations for COPD.

Memorable quotes, WIRED article, more to come

Enter Starfleet Dental and the need to be the center of attention.

For those who are interested, the Subspace Party Nulifier is available on Risa in the summer event zone.  They cost 100 GPL and are bound to the character.

Untitled-3I bought 20 to give away.  Oh well.

I spoke directly with Gannon in the images below.  His response was:

Gannon: “We do this to celebrate his life”.
My comment: “Proper time and place?”
Gannon: “Like we care?

Original Post on the griefers:

Even Nbreeki held off the urge to drop a disco ball, and I have to respect that.  Apparently he decided that 15 min was enough, and the little turd has been popping from instance to instance, spreading his unique brand of grief.

Update 12:20 : Kudos to the team following him from instance to instance, nullifying his balls (spreading the news on how to get the nulifiers ;).  Have to respect that 😉


More from Starfleet Dental.  Anything for attention I guess:


Another moment of Respect by Starfleet Dental.  There were 19 people all standing in a row down the steps, trying to get a shot of a group salute honoring LM.  Nbreeki & Crew said no.

Dear Leader was offended by this post.  I meant no disrespect.  We love Dear Leader.

Please stop leaving hateful remarks about my members and Dear Leader. This is your only warning. Heed it.




Apparently this is the second or third anniversary of ‘Butts’ being banned from STO. Or at least that was what Nbreeki was talking about as he griefed mourners. Again. Almost makes me wish there was a moderator with a sense of justice, and a 7-day banhammer waiting for action.

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