Sector Map Revamp Details Revealed!

It’s been a tough day for everyone. But amidst the shared remembrances, a little bit of news that for STO fans is a really good thing.  The map feels like it’s whole for the first time.  Coming with Season 10, a new quadrant level map system.

Clearly the team has put a great deal of effort in developing a new quadrant map system.  So much effort that I cannot summarize it without doing it an injustice. Update: The image below is actually interactive on the Cryptic news section, with animated gifs detailing the changes.

And WOW the level of detail is amazing.  Denobula, Trill, and so many more new locations.  Awesome work by @SeanMcCann14 and @Tumerboy


What amazes me me is how little of the known galaxy is actually mapped.  Check out the sector areas designated in this map below:

2015-02-27_1608And the Gamma Quadrant… well, here’s hoping for season 10.

Please take the time to visit them directly on the ARC website here.

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