Simple Communication Rule #2: Make sure you understand an analogy when using it to insult your customers.

Earlier this evening, CaptainGecko made an off-color remark pointed at disgruntled fans of the games he’s involved with.  It’s a sly reference to STO.  I’m beginning to think that in addition to missing communications classes, he skipped political theory as well.

2015-02-26_2007I agree like most sane people that the process of gerrymandering is (1.) a process unique to the United States, and (2.) it subverts the process of democracy.  The sad part of it is that both parties (Democrat and Republican) have used it over the past 20 years to render our system of government almost unworkable, and it creates an environment where a party may win the popular vote, but the opponent holds the seats that determine the laws.

Yes, gerrymandering is exploiting.  But it’s the system, not it’s users that create and maintain that problem.  It’s the weak and ineffectual (or brilliantly devious) politicians who make it all possible.

Voters can’t change the system, unless they have politicians who will stand for what’s right.  Leaders who stand for quality assurance testing… yeah that’s the ticket... that doesn’t overlook these things or ignore what the voters have been telling them all along.

Not leaders who blame the voters when things go wrong.

Just in case someone misses the point:  Players are not politicians; they have no control on how the game is made, and where the exploits show up.  If the politicians do nothing to fix the exploits, the players can’t be blamed for using them.

Just my opinion.

Here’s the whole thread:

3 thoughts on “Simple Communication Rule #2: Make sure you understand an analogy when using it to insult your customers.

  1. I thought it was strange post too. However, it’s been going on for 200 years, not 20 🙂 I’m not sure if this was based on the players, or just his way of injecting his political beliefs.


  2. Gerrymandering isn’t all bad. It creates safe districts, yes. But it also ensures that even minorities get representation in proportion to their population.


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