Updated – Patrol Rewards increased to 480 Dilithium across the board. Niiice.

Charles Grey (pwgroverclvlnd) followed up on the across the board changes with an announcement about further dilithium increases to patrols:

We hope you are enjoying the recent improvements to the rewards. This recent update added a lot of different ways to earn more Skill Points, Expertise and Dilithium. Based on feedback and session data collected over the weekend, we are seeing a trend that some patrols are seeing more play than others based on their Dilithium reward. Most patrols are rewarding 480 Dilithium. Some are awarding 360 Dilithium, while a few are rewarding 720. In order to simplify the system and encourage play of any patrol for the Dilithium, we are making every patrol reward 480 Dilithium for completion. This change will not affect the Skill Points or Expertise being rewarded and will only affect the Delta Quadrant and Tau Dewa Patrols that were recently modified.

We will continue to monitor the play session, as well as your feedback, and make further changes as needed.

Charles Gray
Lead Content Designer
Star Trek Online

This is a really nice update topping off the major system-wide update last Thursday.  Many of the patrol where rewarding far less than 360 mentioned, and this increase certainly brings the rewards inline with what ha been previously suggested by CaptainGecko and SalamiInferno.

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