Confirmed: T6 Jem’Hadar Strike Ship in R&D Pack promotion (3/5/15)

Jem Hadar Strike ShipStarting this Thursday March 5th and lasting until March 26th at 9am, you have a chance to win the all-new Tier 6 Jem’Hadar Strike ship with the opening of a Reserach and Development pack from the C-Store.

When you purchase a Research and Development Pack from the C-Store and open it, you will receive either 10 Lobi Crystals or an all new Tier 6 Jem’Hadar Strike Ship, in addition to the Research and Development Pack.

As an added bonus, owners of any other Jem’Hadar starship will be able to equip the Dominion Defense Screen universal console (details to follow in a separate blog) that is found on the Jem’Hadar Strike Ship. Equip all 3 special Dominion consoles on one of the three aforementioned ships for a special set bonus that improves the Dominion Defense Screen console.

NOTE: Newly purchased Research and Development packs will only offer the chance to win the Jem’Hadar Strike Ship during this promotional event. Once this event ends, the packs will revert back to their previous state and no longer offer the bonus Lobi or the Jem’Hadar Strike Ship. Any older packs purchased before this event begins will not offer the chance to win the Jem’Hadar Strike Ship.

As for the rumored Command and Intel seating, we will have to wait until the ships stats are published later today or tomorrow.

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