A Beautiful Memorial, and a great plan for the long term.

2015-03-05_1923Cryptic’s move to memorialize Leonard Nimoy was not only touching, but well thought out for the future.  It’s a tough place for any company to be in.  How do you memorialize one?  When does it become crass commercialism?

They solved that in a beautiful way.

The statues on Vulcan and New Romulus set the tone for arguably the one character who has impacted the multiverse the most.  He is Star Trek personified to millions, and for many of us an inspiration in our choices of careers.

But the others who have passed before have not been forgotten.  A permanent memorial has also been established on ESD, Q’noS and New Romulus celebrating the lives of the actors who have entertained us for generations.


I know we’re all thinking about ‘it’.  What will they do when… After today I think it will be handled with tact, and any future memorials will be done very well.

It’s a good day to be a fan of Star Trek Online.

The coverage was big today in the fan press, even getting mentioned in national news broadcasts (trying to find video clips now).  Here are a few of the fan sites covering the memorial.




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