Priority One Podcast Needs your Votes

Regardless of my personal feelings about Cryptic’s handling of Star Trek Online, there’s one place where you can always count on to get a decent interview with the team itself, and that’s Priority One Podcast.  Week after week they produce an entertaining broadcast that’s sometimes eye opening, sometimes infuriating (ok, that’s Gecko, not P1), but more often than not its an enjoyable podcast with interesting perspectives.

While I might not always agree with them, they do this out of love for the game.  And that’s worth our support.

They’ve been nominated for as award, and I encourage you to take the time and vote on their behalf.  The following is from @cookiecupcakes blog post:

Hello Admirals!

Thanks to your support, Priority One Podcast has been nominated for Best Produced and Gaming podcast in the 10th Annual People’s Choice Podcast Awards….

“People’s Choice” are important words. What “People’s Choice” means is that you believe in what Priority One Podcast produces from week to week. It means you recognize the hard work that we put in as volunteers! It means that without you — none of this would be possible.

But, we still need you, Admirals! The campaign has just begun!

Between now and March 24th, we need for you to visit and VOTE for Priority One Podcast in the Best Produced and Gaming categories! We need for you to do this once a day — every day — until March 24th. We need you to get your friends & fleetmates to do it too!

Priority One Podcast is the only Star Trek-related podcast listed this year — so we need your support to bring this one home in the name of Trekkies and Trekkers everywhere!!

So remember – visit once a day, every day between now and March 24 and vote for Priority One Podcast in the Best Produced and Gaming categories. Remember to re-tweet, share, and invite your friends, too!

There is no greater accolade than knowing that you recognize us for the work we do. Thank you, Admirals!

CookieCupcakes // Chief Medical Officer – U.S.S. Priōritās

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