Reliving the Fun of Leveling a Fed Alt. Frustrated at the new bugs.

Come-on Cryptic.  This is was a no-brainer.

You take the time to create a well thought-out marketing campaign (Delta Recruits) to rebuild the player base, to introduce new players to the best of Star Trek Online, and to remind ‘us’ jaded players about the game we fell in love with.

I am getting frustrated having to rerun the same episode 2-3 times, while checking Reddit, the official STO forums, Twitter and zone chat for workarounds.  If we are having problems with the content, imagine the first-time players experience.

Seems entirely counterproductive.

You’ve made the Delta recruit component easy enough so it doesn’t restrict game play.  Kudos to everyone involved.  But running into bugs on content that’s 5 years old is lame and it only serves to reinforce many of the problems with Star Trek Online.

I’m about to run ’23rd Century Visitor’ for the third time today.  As much as i love seeing classic Trek characters, I’ve had my fill.

7 thoughts on “Reliving the Fun of Leveling a Fed Alt. Frustrated at the new bugs.

  1. What do you think? It’s always like this. If it wasn’t for the hardcore fans (yes me too. Only because i brag about what i don’t like doesn’t mean i don’t play / like the game) the game would be dead by now. It’s so lame we have to go through new bugs in old content. They should really start hot fixing stuff instead of waiting a week.


  2. The thing is, these aren’t old bugs. They are brand new bugs breaking mission progression, new and fresh for new players. I level new characters relatively often, and haven’t had these specific problems before.


    1. This I understand 😉

      But you’d think, especially with a promotion like this, you’d want these simple errors removed before you invite the world to come and play, again?


      1. You might think that, and I might think that, but that would require testing and stuff, and that’s just plain not allowed.

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      2. There is a tendency to trust minor changes to existing code. What could possibly go wrong? 😉

        After running updates to enterprise level deployments- ie cloud based applications- I have learned the hard way never to take anything for granted.

        Given the goals of the recruit campaign, you would think that this would have been a higher priority.


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