It finally feels worthwhile to use a Galaxy Class. It’s not a T6. Honest.

One of the things that bothered me when I first joined Star Trek Online was how unfun the Galaxy Class – and to a greater extent the Galaxy Dreadnaught – was to play with.  Outclassed by just about everything and anything in it’s tier (or at least due to my poor piloting skills), the Galaxy was a non-starter.  It fizzled.  I wasn’t the only one who felt that way.

Let’s be honest – how many Galaxy Class Starships did you see in STF’s?  RyanSTO’s videos don’t count.

When the Galaxy-X got an update about 9(?) months ago, I was among the infuriated.who really wanted to play with the ship we imagined would be an ass-kicker.  I didn’t want the dreadnaught skin.  I didn’t want the various Cryptic modernizations.  I wanted my Enterprise.

For the most part, I got her today despite effectively paying for her a third time.

Oh My - a T6 Galaxy.  Is she worth it?
Oh My – a T6 Galaxy. Is she worth it?

Is she worth it?  Hell Yeah, but only if you’re a fan.

How does maintaining 130 in weapons power, and over 100 in everything else sound to you?  It took a few runs to work the bugs out.  The console set seems to be a waste of space, but once I got my power settings down, she turned out to be a very nimble cruiser.

She is the Enterprise-D of my fanboy dreamsso far.  There’s a fleet version waiting for me once I finish the Ship Mastery trait.  A fool and his money is… well, you get the idea.

This weekend I’ll be setting up three Delta Recruit alts, trying out the new KDF ship and setting up my other (perhaps all-time) favorite a- D’Khellra Warbird Battlecruiser [T6] pretending to be a classic D’Deridex.

I’ll post a longer revue later this weekend.  So much to do.  So much to try.

One point of note:  No piloting specialization seating.  Was it not planned for these ships?  Or has Cryptic smartened up?

3 thoughts on “It finally feels worthwhile to use a Galaxy Class. It’s not a T6. Honest.

  1. I think Pilot seating will be the next round of ships.

    So how do you keep power that high? I am still pretty green with effectively using my power levels.


    1. First off energy management isn’t my area of expertise. Exactly how this works – well in all honest it baffles me.

      When I first threw on my gear, I kept the full set (antimatter spread, saucer sep and the new console) after hearing they help boost it to 130. Sitting in orbit, I was at 126, with weapons at max. My first combat wasn’t that great, (shields and engines were weak) so I used the presets for balanced.

      To my surprise once in combat – I maxed at 130 and it stayed there. All other hovered at 100 or slightly above. I do have the plasmotic leech, the new ship mastery traits and the elite plasma enhanced warp core – I’ll post the whole build at some point this weekend to try and track this down.


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