First Impressions of the T6 Iconic Ships: More vanity than practicality.

First and foremost: I’m not disappointed in the new T6 versions of the Star Trek’s iconic line of starships.  I don’t regret buying them.  But it’s clear that regardless of the impressive design work on the new versions, they do not represent the next generation in terms of starship capability.

To be honest, the new T6 versions of the fan-favorites are ‘just good enough’ that it will keep the RP’ers and diehard series fans engaged enough to drop another $30 for a ship they’ve already bought 2-3 times before.  I’m one of them.

Oh My - a T6 Galaxy.  Is she worth it?
Oh My – a T6 Galaxy. Is she worth it?

As pointed out earlier in today’s PriorityOne Podcast by SarcasmDetector, of the few redeeming qualities of the T6 variants is that they are marginally less expensive than the existing T5-U ships they ‘replace’, and they look pretty sweet.  I have to agree.

Sarcasm gave a good clinical review of the numbers and I hope he continues to provide reviews.  I like his honest impressions, and for the most part he’s right on the money.

My first impressions come from actual hands-on experience with each in-game.

I purchased the bundle primarily because of the D’deridex and the Galaxy skins.  While the underlying mechanics of the T5 versions are unremarkable, my hope was that the new ships + the classic skins would make viable ships in game.  The Lt.Com tactical seat and hybrid eng/command seat were a step in the right direction.

Andromeda Exploration Cruiser [T6] aka The Enterprise-D

I didn’t work on my build at first, but focused on the space-barbie aspect.  Sadly the Galaxy-X skin can’t be used.  I’m sensing another Cryptic ‘just-good-enough fan offering’ coming soon.

After a few minutes I had a worthy Enterprise-D in orbit, loaded with phasers and quantum torpedoes.  As I mentioned in a nearlier post, this configuration included the new Universal Console – the Molecular Cohesion Nullifier.  It’s passive bonus to max sub-system power levels works as intended, although I never had a chance to fully experience the offensive capabilities at close range.

I should point out that power management is not my strong suit.  Even with my limited understanding though, I had no difficulty in maintaining 100+ in all subsystems across the board during combat after a few tweaks.  With a balanced power setting the cruiser was surprisingly nimble and I had little difficulty in Advanced and Elite STF’s.

This is the only ship from the Icon set that I was able to test with a full set of consoles.  The bonuses were meager, and I really didn’t see the value of the saucer sep or the antimatter spread in PvE.  Definitely not a ‘must-have’ unless you’re looking for the costume set. Update: All of the costume options are included – you do not have to buy or pre-own anything.

From a DPS standpoint (’cause it’s all about the DPS now) my first few runs were 11-13K.  I’m sure with my limited skill-set I could push this to 25K+.   In the hands of a good pilot that could be doubled for sure.

My impression: In the hands of a tanker, this ship has a lot of potential, but…*

D’Khellra Warbird Battlecruiser [T6] aka the Double-D or D’deridex

The Classic lines of the D'Deridex.  *misty eyed*
The Classic lines of the D’Deridex. *misty eyed*

While taking a break from the Delta Recruit missions, my next attempt at space-barbie was to set-up the Romulan addition.  Again focusing on a nearly identical build but plasma in flavor, the T6 DD was a surprisingly nimble ship.  The bonus of the Battle Cloak and a Lt.Com Sci seat easily makes this ship my favorite of the three iconic ships in the set.

I’m a firm believer in Gravity Wells, especially with slower cruisers.

My initial impressions were that the D’Khellra was underpowered, even with the console bonuses.  Several runs and feedback from DPS-10K, I had her doing more damage than the Andromeda.

If I were to use any of the three on a semi-regular basis, the D’Khellra would be my first choice.

Negh’Tev Heavy Battlecruiser [T6] aka the Negh’Var

This was a surprising adventure. let downLet down in that I didn’t own the original Negh’Var, so I didn’t have access to the skin.  While I like the ship, the thought of dropping even more money for the skin wasn’t in the cards.

Turns out I was wrongI did have access to all of the Negh’ Var skins.  Unsure why my initial experience in the tailor didn’t populate with the options – but – my bad to have assumed the worse.  TY to Thomas for pointing it out.

Surprising, in what happened next.

'Not quite the Negh'Var I was hoping for.
‘Not quite the Negh’Var I was hoping for.

After messing with the consoles and bridge officers, I ended up joining a private ISA without swapping out the rest of my space gear.  Playing Space-Barbie can be dangerous is you’re not paying attention.  Mark X uncommon gear for an ISA.  Ugh.  Worst of all, it’s in this butt-ugly KDF ship I have no experience with and the team is made up of DPS’ers.

First off I should never have volunteered.  This was DPS team and there are minimum expectations for your performance that should be met.  As the map loaded I was going to make my apologies during the WFP interlude and beg forgiveness.  I’d bail and take the penalty to prevent them from wasting their time.

Lucky me and the WFP call was ignored.  One player whines about WFP and bails, but the other three remain.  No point in bailing, so I stayed and gave it my best shot.

Here’s the surprise: 15.6K with mark X uncommon gear.  Maybe it was part desperation, part insane flying so as not to let down the team, or I had three really good teammates.  Ok – three AWESOME teammates doing 25+K.

Maybe there’s a build in this one I can work with after all 😉

Ouch – wasn’t planning on writing another long-ass post.

From a performance perspective the existing line of Intel ships and the Guardian Cruiser stand out as better options for purchase.  While these are the first T6 ship with fleet-variants available for purchase, after playing with them this weekend I doubt I’ll upgrade them further.  I have better ships now that will undoubtedly be better with fleet versions.

These are vanity ships, BUT if you’re into Space Barbie role-playing, these are worthy T6 options for the post-DR reality of Star Trek Online.

2 thoughts on “First Impressions of the T6 Iconic Ships: More vanity than practicality.

  1. The D’Deridex is so nice. I just don’t like how slow it is (The T3 (or is it 4?) version) compared to my Faeht.


  2. Don’t worry. I come here to read your long-ass posts. 🙂

    I really like the T6 Galaxy. I’ve only had a glowing experience with it, but there’S an history with it too.

    Though I’m a huge Luna-class fan, when I first came to play Star Trek Online during its Open Beta, the ship I dreamed of flying was the Galaxy-class. I loved cruisers in general, and couldn’t get enough of my Vesper-class even back when we were locked at level 16. I loved everything about it and I actually thought PvP was good back then (being a cruiser meant something, and there was little ability bloat – power levels mattered even more).

    My Dakota-class heavy cruiser was fun too, but the Galaxy… that flying coffin was the first ship I got that actually felt like a downgrade. So much trouble maneuvering, and the Vor’chas were just laughing at me in PvP. I tried – really tried – to make something good of it but ultimately I ended up disowning my engineering captain, and deciding that my hot science betazoid sci Boff would end up being my new captain.

    Fast-forward 5 years. Cruisers are somewhat more workable. The Odyssey and Avenger particularily worked fairly well for me. And then, the T6 Galaxy happened.

    New 3d model, rehauled Galaxy 3d model, revised Boff power layout. I call it the “redemption of the Galaxy-class”. I went for that ship on my Delta Recruit – a recreation of my very first engineer open beta character – and now it works. Now it’s fun. I love it. 🙂

    And the stqardrive section now has a bridge too! Simple awkward little dome, but that’s what it was in the series too. >_>

    I haven’t run any DPS check on the thing, but with the gear I packed on it, it hardly feels lackluster.
    Most of my weapons are Mk XIV Antiporton beam arrays [CtrD][Over], aside from the 2 omni AP beams at the aft. Also packing the wide-angle quantum torp to the fore, and another quantum torpedo aft.

    Ship equipment (shield, warp core, impulse engine) is pretty ordinary Mk XI stuff for now.

    Consoles… well, in engineering I’m packing plasmonic Leech, the Galaxy 3pc set and a Conductive RCS [EPS] console. Science has 2 embassy flow caps with [pla] and a particle exciter with [EPS] too. Finally, tactical is packing 3 [AP] vulnerability locators.

    I don’t have a whole lot of traits so far. I certainly want Reciprocity and All Hands on Deck. Then I may be able to re-examine the Boff powers I’m carrying right now to have it run even better. Then, there’s reputations too – I bet with a 3pc Delta set and the Advanced Engine trait that I’ll be able to make her dance. Well, once I get there; nineteen more days to go! 😀

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