Updated: Prelude to Season X: Quality of Life Improvements , Foundry & Iconian Reputation.


Busy news day at Star Trek Online.  This post has been updated too many times to count.

Delta Vanguard Upgrades now BoC

A last-minute change to the bind-to rules for the Delta Vanguard upgrade.  Originally promoted as bind-to-account (BoA), it has since been changed to BoC (bind-to-character) BorticusCrytpic explains:

I deeply apologize for not having updated our communication on this matter, but this is working as intended as it is currently on Holodeck.

It was determined very late in our testing that keeping these items BoA instead of BoC represented a significant risk for our overall reward structure, and might encourage aberrant behavior among players (Level multiple DRs to 50 utilizing potential XP Loopholes/Exploits, just to pass off the Upgrade Kits). Because of this risk, we decided to change them to Bind-to-character-on-Pickup.

Again, we should have updated our communication on this when the change was made, and we apologize for the miscommunication. We’ll see about getting the Q&A updated, and the linked Dev Post will be edited to include a link back to THIS post.

To be honest I really don’t think this is a huge issue.  While I created 3 Delta Recruits, I personally had no intention of levelling all 3 just for the upgrades.  The Delta Vanguard upgrade was a nice-to-have.  What stands out though is that there were clearly a number of players who intended to do just that.

Tribble Hints at Quality of Life IMPROVEMENTS

With Tribble slowly ramping up to a preview release of Season X, we’re starting to see some of the QOL changes being added for the next release.    In addition to a new Iconian Reputation system (more on that in a second), many of us were stunned – naySHOCKED to see that suggestions many of us made months ago are being finally being added.

  • Reputation Rewards:
    • All Mark and Elite Mark conversion projects now only take 5 seconds to complete instead of 15 seconds.
    • Reordered all Upgrade Slot reputation projects so they will display in this order:
      • Claim Tier Rewards (when available)
      • Mark and Elite Mark Conversion Projects
      • Sponsorship Projects
      • Miscellaneous Projects
    • Added a project to exchange 100 Reputation Marks for 1 Elite Mark
      This is huge, especially when people are trying – and failing – to get the elite Marks from some missions.  If you’re not familiar with the term ‘Elite’ marks – these are the Borg Neural Processors, Ancient Power Cells, Isomorphic Injections, and Voth Cybernetic Implants needs to purchase rep gear.

      • This project has a 5 second duration and a 20 hour cooldown
      • This project does not exist in Reputations that do not have an Elite Mark
    • Added higher-denomination Mark-to-Dilithium conversion projects to all reputations OMGWTFBBQ this is something we’ve been begging for since the launch of LoR.  This is the kind of simple, quality of life adjustment (#3 on my list) for the long-term player that stands out as being a no-brainer.
      • The existing project (50 Marks = 500 Dilithium) remains available and unaltered
      • Two new projects are now available: 250 Marks for 2500 Dilithium, and 500 Marks for 5000 Dilithium
      • Each of these higher-input projects will only appear in the player’s list if the player has at least enough Marks to complete them.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you Cryptic.  THIS was an excellent move on your part.  I can’t wait to process my mountain of unresolved issues, I mean marks.

New Foundry Assets

I would be remiss not mentioning a slew of ‘most wanted’ foundry assets have been added as well.  Thanks to @burstdragon, @Primar13 and @McLaughlin for keeping me apprised.  These additions open up a world of possibilities for new fan-support content, when it works 😉  We know that a good chunk of the effort in supporting the Foundry is ‘gratis’ by those involved.  It is appreciated 😉


  • Added Earth Spacedock as a UGC Map.
  • Added numerous Earth Spacedock Map Support Objects, including:
    • Turbolift and Club 47 Doors
    • Ops Holographic Consoles
    • Ship Markers
  • Added Ground Scale Ship models for use in the ESD Docking Bay and other maps.
  • Added a number of Space Stations.
  • Updated the UGC Version of the Bajor Planet to use the proper material.

New Iconian reputation

Earlier today they dropped the breakdown for the new Iconian Reputation for the upcoming – and yet still unnamed Season X – and it’s looking pretty sharp.  Just as I was putting my foot in my mouth about not having the numbers yet, we have the values for the Space Gear courtesy of Atheonyirh from Reddit:

Click for a full scale shot
Click for a full scale shot (from the goo

And the Ground Gear: 

Click here for the larger version
Click here for the larger version

Nope.  Not OP at all.

This also represents the first reputation* that benefits AP (antiproton) as the primary energy choice.  With the games focus shifting from exploration and the discovery of new worlds to one where your damage output is your primary goal, maybe it’s time to start outfitting for AP on my toons.  Am I being a tad passive-aggressive?

*technically the original omega rep was anti-proton, but those weapons are no longer available in-game for space.

I am scared about AP.  Rumours have bounced around the forums that it’s broken, that it’s bonus damage effects are in essence OP, but it’s low enough on the ‘lets fix this’ list that it may never be done.  Cryptic has a tendency to fix things once you’ve invested heavily in them.  I’d sure love a confirmation that it’s 1.) not broken, and the 2.) they are not planning a fix before I invest hundreds of upgrades per character to get a set to XIV.

Click to see the full-scale atrocity.
Click to see the full-scale atrocity.

My only real complaint are the first images of the ground armour set.  Our transition from the Star Trek esthetic to TRON is almost complete. I can’t imagine these in a Star Trek episode or movie, and I have a vivid imagination. Thankfully you can still choose what armour skin you actually see;)

Here’s the post in full:

The Iconian Resistance is an alliance comprised of forces throughout the Alpha, Beta, and Delta Quadrants. These three forces have banded together to create a unified front against the Iconians and their servitor races. Their sole purpose is to prevent the Iconians from subjugating our galaxy once more.

This new reputation will become available with Season 10’s release and will feature all new traits, kit modules, space equipment sets and a ground equipment set.


Increasing your standing with the Iconian Resistance will require the submission of Iconian Marks. These can be earned by completing repeatable queued events featuring Iconian Heralds, such as: Gateway to Gre’thor, Brotherhood of the Swordand The Herald Sphere. Each of these missions allow for scaling rewards, increasing the amount of Iconian Marks received if you are able to perform above expectations and/or complete bonus objectives.

Iconian Probe Datacores can also be earned by participating in the Advanced and Elite versions of any queued event which rewards Iconian Marks. Iconian Probe Datacores recovered from the wreckage of Iconian Probes have revealed a great deal about the strengths and weaknesses of the Iconians and their Heralds. High-end gear projects will require a small amount of Iconian Probe Datacores in order to claim the best equipment that the Iconian Resistance has to offer. They may also be submitted to the Iconian Resistance in return for Dilithium Ore.


Iconian Marks and Iconian Probe Datacores can be submitted for both Reputation XP and new, high-quality gear acquisitions. Here are a few examples of the items that can be earned by advancing your standing with the Iconian Resistance:

Iconian Resistance (Space Set – 4 Pieces)

  • Iconian Resistance Deflector Array Mk XII
    • The Iconian Resistance Deflector Array is designed to defend against the Iconians and their Herald servants. Its primary modes enhance shield and hull strength, while mitigating structural damage caused by kinetic impacts.
  • Iconian Resistance Combat Impulse Engines Mk XII
    • This engine is modified to reduce incoming damage when traveling at full throttle. It has a higher base speed and turn rate compared to standard Combat engines.
  • Iconian Resistance Resilient Shield Array Mk XII
    • Iconian Resistance Resilient Shield Arrays offer a high shield capacity coupled with the ability to reduce and absorb incoming energy damage. These shields continually run an internal sensor sweep, periodically removing debuffs.
  • Iconian Resistance Hyper Injection Warp Cores Mk XII
    • Matter/Antimatter Core
      This Warp Core incorporates appropriated Iconian technology, regenerating Hull and Shields when traveling at Full Impulse and significantly reducing Transwarp recharge times.
      NOTE: This Warp Core cannot be equipped on Romulan Warbirds.
    • Singularity Core: This Singularity Core incorporates appropriated Iconian technology, regenerating Hull and Shields when traveling at Full Impulse and significantly reducing Transwarp recharge times. 
      NOTE: This Warp Core can only be equipped on Romulan Warbirds. 

Below are the set bonuses for this new space equipment set:

Iconian Resistance Elite Set Bonuses (Space)

  • Enhanced Shield Distribution (2 piece) – Enhancement
    • Receive a shield healing over time effect after using Distribute Shields. 
      This bonus shield heal effect can be triggered once every 30 seconds.
  • Energy Augmentation Actuator (3 piece) – Passive
    • When using energy weapons you have a small chance to boost your team’s energy damage by a small amount for a short time. 
      This effect stacks up to 3 times.
  • Radiant Subatomic Field (4 piece) – Click
    • When activated, this ability provides a modest boost to damage, maximum hull hit points, and flight speed for your entire team for 30 seconds. 

Iconian Resistance Ordnance Set

  • Console – Universal – Sustained Radiant Field Mk XII
    • The Sustained Radiant Field console was designed to give a substantial tactical advantage to ships it is equipped on. It enhances damage output of all ship weapons, while enhancing the effect of Hull and Shield restoring powers.
  • Advanced Radiant Antiproton Directed Energy Weapons Mk XII
    • Beam Array – Advanced Radiant Antiproton Beam Arrays have a high innate Critical Severity, as well as a chance to provide a small amount of Temporary Hit Points. Additionally, they continually reduce their recharge rates the more they are fired.
    • Dual Heavy Cannon – Advanced Radiant Antiproton Dual Heavy Cannons have a high innate Critical Severity, as well as a chance to provide a small amount of Temporary Hit Points. Additionally, they continually reduce their recharge rates the more they are fired.
  • Advanced Radiant Quantum Torpedo Launcher Mk XII
    • Advanced Radiant Quantum torpedoes have an innate bonus to Critical Severity, a chance on hit to provide a small amount of Temporary Hit Points, and can cause radiation damage to chain to up to two additional targets.

Below are the set bonuses for this new space equipment set:

Radiant Armaments Set Bonuses

  • Reinforced Radiant Field Projector (2 piece) – Passive
    • Improves Starship Structural Integrity Skill
    • Improves Temporary Hit Points provided by Radiant Field Projector procs
  • Advanced Radiant Hypercharge (3 piece) – Click
    • Your Advanced Radiant Antiproton weapon fires an extremely powerful blast that deals additional damage if the target is below 50% hull. 
      This bonus damage increases as the target’s health decreases. 

Iconian Resistance Elite (Ground Set – 3 Pieces)

  • Iconian Resistance Armor Mk XII
    • The Iconian Resistance Armor provides excellent energy, kinetic and antiproton resistance. Additionally, the advanced materials and circuitry of this armor increase the health of the user. It is equipped with a Mobility Field Generator to reactively make the user immune to Roots, Holds and Knockbacks when low on health.
  • Iconian Resistance Personal Shield Mk XII
    • The Iconian Resistance Personal Shield is an advanced form of protective energy screen technology. It offers a high shield capacity and enhanced resistances to better withstand Herald assaults. This shield will periodically engage emergency decontamination protocols to remove debuffs. Should the wearer be struck by Physical damage, there is a chance a pulse of force will blast enemies away and cause a minor amount of kinetic damage.
  • Iconian Resistance Pulsewave Assault Mk XII
    • The Iconian Resistance Pulsewave Assault fires bursts of Radiant Antiproton energy, and is capable of building up Radiant Charges with its primary fire mode. Once enough charges are built up, the secondary fire is capable of consuming charges to cause the secondary fire mode to recharge very quickly. 

Below are the set bonuses for this new space equipment set:

Iconian Resistance Elite Set Bonuses (Ground)

  • Reinforced Combat Circuitry (2 piece) – Passive
    • +Max Hit Points
    • +Armor Penetration
  • Radiant Subatomic Field (3 piece) – Click
    • Activating this ability provides a modest boost to your team’s damage, maximum hit points, and run speed for 30 seconds. 

In addition to these equipment sets, advancing through the tiers of the Iconian Resistance Reputation will unlock access to a large array of Radiant Antiproton energy weapons, and Radiant Quantum Torpedoes. Three unique Kit Modules will also be included in the Reputation. Each is restricted to a single Profession. 

Kit Modules

  • Tactical – Security Kit Module – Photonic Overcharge Mk XII
    • Provides a boost to your critical severity and causes your weapon attacks to deal additional damage as shield penetrating radiation damage.
  • Engineering – Fabrication Kit Module – Photonic Barrier Generator Mk XII
    • Creates a Photonic Barrier that applies a moderate amount of Temporary Hit Points every few seconds and provides a modest boost to your damage resistance.
  • Science – Research Kit Module – Photonic Overload Mk XII
    • Cone AoE attack that deals radiation damage, reduces perception and damage to affected targets. 


No reputation would be complete without a new suite of ground and space traits. 
The Iconian Resistance reputation introduces the following new traits:

Tier 1 – Ground

  • Energized Nanites (Passive)
    • Receive a portion of your outgoing damage as healing to you.
  • Personal Energy Amplifier (Passive)
    • +Bonus damage to kit skills 

Tier 2 – Space

  • Energy Refrequencer (Passive)
    • Receive a portion of your outgoing damage as hull healing to you.
  • Particle Generator Amplifier (Passive)
    • +Bonus damage Exotic Damage 

Tier 3 – Ground

  • Radiant Detonation Module (Passive)
    • Chance on weapon attacks to cause a moderate amount of radiation damage in an AoE and remove buffs from affected targets.
  • Destabilizing Phase Screen (Passive)
    • When damaged, gain Immunity to all damage for a short time. 
      May occur once every 60 seconds. 

Tier 4 – Space

  • Radiant Detonation Matrix (Passive)
    • Chance on energy weapon attacks to cause a moderate amount of radiation damage in an AoE and remove buffs from affected targets.
  • Destabilizing Phase Array (Passive)
    • When damaged, gain Immunity to all damage for a short time. 
      May occur once every 60 seconds. 

Tier 5 – Space

  • Deploy Sensor Interference Platform (Click)
    • Creates a platform that taunts nearby enemies and debuffs enemies that attack any target other than itself.

NOTE: All abilities and items found in this blog are subject to change.

Phil “Gorngonzolla” Zeleski
Lead Systems Designer
Star Trek Online

3 thoughts on “Updated: Prelude to Season X: Quality of Life Improvements , Foundry & Iconian Reputation.

  1. Well.

    One one hand, I’m not convinced that the Iconian reputation sets (all of them) are really all that amazing. Or at least, I’m not wowed by them. I like my antiproton [CrtD]x3[over] beam arrays – the occasional overload feels pretty satisfying – and usually reputation weaponry don’t climb as high in regard of item quality. I also have plenty of sources for temporary HP already; so investing further feels like overkill.

    As for the ship equipment set, there’s this odd slant on “fly as fast as possible” which actually is not all that convenient – it feels very “Pedal to the Metal” trait… and I don’t use that trait because I hate being shoehorned in constantly keeping my throttle up.

    By contrast, I really like the Delta set’s 3-pc bonuses which already enhances ship mobility, and the set itself makes a ship pretty durable already. I like slapping on the Aegis impulse engine to that to get a nice boost on defense as well… and the Iconian engines don’t compare as favorably. Nor do I get the bonuses it gets for going at Full Impulse – how useful is that, really? o.O

    I’m a bit more in favor of the ground set. The stats don’t wow me either and I’m not a shotgun user, but in the eyes of my rep-less delta recruit, it might be viable. I haven’t decided. MACO is still kind of the “good for all sauces” set in my eyes. I’m also cautiously optimistic about the appearances the Iconian set has; with good textures (diffuse, bump, specular) it could end up looking nicer than a still gives justice.

    Ridiculous? Maybe. But then so were the super-slender pylons holding up the sizeable warp nacelles of the Constitution-class… and that was meant to imply superior technology/engineering techniques. I viewit in that light. I may get it and try it out. But yeah, I also reverse myself the right to stay wearing the Odyssey uniform regardless. 🙂

    tl;dr: I don’t see the OP, I’m only mildly interested. Perhaps Season 10 content or user reviews of those set in use will change my mind.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I’m in the same boat when looking at ground sets. While many of the newer reps have value in certain situations, MACO is still a favorite. Given the upgrade costs I’m less likely to have 1 set of everything for each alt. But yeah – going to take a hard look at the new ground set.


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