Romulan Imperial Navy Kit Details

As the clock rolled over to a new week, we finally got to see some details on the new Romulan Imperial Navy Kits (details from Reddit master-poser Atheonyirh).

Regardless of class, it adds a base damage bonus of 20% to Plasma, 2.2% Critical chance and 8.8% bonus to Severity and a whopping 52.5% bonus to your personal shields.  Given we’re weeks away from the Iconian Reputation, this is a very nice starter set for Delta Recruits.


Personally I’m looking forward to seeing how this impacts my Romulan Tac’s EPIC Caustic Plasma full Auto rifle 😉

4 thoughts on “Romulan Imperial Navy Kit Details

  1. It seems to be doing some good on my own Romulan Sci character too.

    She has an Plasma Split Beam pistol Mk XIV [CrtD]x2 [CrtH2]x2 (I got lucky with an Omega tech upgrade on a store bought Mk I) and already the Romulan innate trait to plasma damage, so, supplementing that with the kit is turning up some rather impressive burning down of NPCs thus far.

    I don’t know how to feel about the new module, though. “Plasma Cascade” sounded cool, but it being a counter-attack and not having a whole lot visual cues (that I could see, running around Vastan Peaks on New Romulus) makes it – so far – rather unsatisfying to use.


      1. I’ve yet to be impressed by any “Universal” kit module thus far.

        Admittedly, though, this may be a Learn2Play issue on my part, or simply situational. Considering how ground critter health is in the couple of hundreds, a value like 180 is non-trivial. It could end up being very impressive when running around an episode like “Cutting the Cord”. Plenty of grouped up Tal Shiar soldiers there that suddenly ambush you by your lonesome – whereas in Vastam peaks I’d have 1 or 2 enemies that might attack me or my Boff (and my Boff packing the “inspire chaos” intel power didn’t exactly help make me the focus of attacks).

        Then one of them would attack, and then 4 of them with take 180 damage and a defense debuff; and a split beam secondary would then mow half of those down before finishing with normal shots.

        It’s – I guess – like a single pulse of a feedback pulse that would hit the attacker and then chain up to four other nearby targets. It probably could potentially single wreck group encounters if it did more than one pulse; but so far this seems to be a one-shot thing. Active for 10 seconds, trigger once.

        Pretty useless in Bug Hunt: nothing there is shooting guns at you.


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