An Update on Lag, Weapon misfires, and the Benny-Hill rubberbanding.

From Reddit:

@sarcasmdetector – Grumpy DPS Admin

We got some information that some “under the hood” fixes had been implemented on the latest Tribble build that should have resolved some of issues we’ve been experiencing. A bunch of us DPSers took some high-powered toons into a couple ISAs, CSA, and KSA (on Tribble); yes the misfiring is gone and the lag is almost all gone. The difference is like day and night… Proper testing will have to be done on Holodeck when this build goes live; we’re very optimistic about the fixes.

My only thought (shared by some) is that Tribble ≠ Holodeck in terms of total users.  It is good to see they are trying to fix the issue.

*Finger crossed*

One thought on “An Update on Lag, Weapon misfires, and the Benny-Hill rubberbanding.

  1. Weapon misfire/less lag are good news… though I don’t have much faith on that – no new season launch is ever really smooth.

    Still, just weapon misfire going away would be nice – Battle of Korfez was frustrating today – failed not because I wasn’t on top of my game, but because my Andromeda-class’ weapon wouldn’t fire and take down the damned trilithium torpedoes.


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