New Season in 4 days. So what about the Lag and Rubberbanding?

Things are exciting this week in Star Trek Online; a new season, new fleet ships, new lockbox and lobi shinies, the return of Tom Paris, and the Delta Recruit program which is not only working well – but’s ridiculously generous in the rewards.

A quick note on Delta Recruits – I finally got around to sharing the rewards with my 7 other alts who can access the fun. The generosity in sharing those rewards, not to mention the new gear and traits, has me overwhelmed.  It’s like a big fat sloppy kiss from Cryptic without the expectations that we have to buy anything to use it.

My Federation recruit has just hit Level 51 while playing uber-casually, and I have not even started the Cardassian episode set.  My R&D toons are cranking out gear at an exceptional rate, and for the first time in the game I can field a fully twinked alt without breaking the bank. Times are good.  Almost.

With four days left to go before the launch of ‘The Iconian War’, I am beginning to wonder if Cryptic is prepared for the bump in users.  While the queue issues seem to have subsided, the consistent lag and rubberbanding are at levels not seen since… the launch of DR.  And we all know how much of a cluster-f@#$ that was.

Building your player base has costs, we get that.  Taking steps to avoid shitty player experiences seems like another no-brainer.

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