First Impressions – Season Ten


Nowhere enough time left in my day to check everything out, but first impressions are really good.  The bugs aside (and there are many), I’m liking the direction of the story for Season 10.  The bank issues have me concerned as they are not part of tomorrow fix (ATM).

Here we go:

  1. The first two episodes “Blood of the Ancients” and “Delta Flight” drop you right into the center of the invasion, and then as you go on the offensive.
  2. Captain Tom Paris – it’s nice to hear his voice.  A lot of easter eggs in his VO, and mission details.  Sadly we will have to wait for a Captain Proton Holonovel.
  3. LOVE the ‘team feeling’ of Delta Flight.  I came away feeling I had really enjoyed the experience, and want more of that ‘Dirty Dozen’ kind of scenarios.  The pre mission banter with the teammates felt a lot like Star Trek: Renegades. *looks at Gecko*  Just sayin…
  4. The Heralds can be difficult, but the level of difficulty isn’t even close to the launch state of Delta Rising.  At no point did I feel outgunned, although I think it would have been faster with a FAW boat instead of my escort.
  5. LOVE the fact a Klingon is heading up Joint command.  About damned time we turned to our best warriors to plan the defensive strategy.
  6. The lack of sector walls is slightly overwhelming, but I love the new artwork.  This is the way Star Trek Online should always have been.

Anyways – looking forward to a ‘bug-reduced’ and ‘lag free’ experience come this weekend.

One thought on “First Impressions – Season Ten

  1. I found the Iconian Heralds to be, in general, opponents you had to sit up and take notice. Like you, I felt my FaW builds did much better than my escort-like crafts against them, especially in large numbers (I commented more in details in a previous blog). In general, I’m pleased with thier level of difficulty – they look and feel as fearsome as hype has touted them to be IMHO.

    Blood of the Ancient was enjoyable and definitely epic in scope. Though there was a sense that I was being just swept along with the events.

    Delta Flight felt more like something done on “our” terms. I generally liked the attention given to voiced NPCs. Not that I got all that attached to them, but as you said, the informal Team vibe was a good one. That felt enhanced when I had a small ship of my own, the Faeht; less so in a Luna-class or an Andromeda-class.

    If I take exception to anything in this storyline, it`s how the relationship between Tom Paris and his daughter Miral. Near the end of the away team segment, Tom worries over her safety and that’s cleared up.

    But once back captaining our ships and that we lose one asset, Tom again is prepared to meekly give up mostly to the thought of risking his daughter again. he gets convinced with the exact same form or argument. That was one time too many. I would’ve liked a better show of “yes, I’ll commit and trust in my daughter’s abilities” rather than have him feel so wishy-washy.


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