7 thoughts on “Ferengi Nandi Warship (T6) Boxed Stats

    1. Cruisers generally have 4/4 (or 5/3) weapon slots. Really curious why they would make this ship (a Tactical ship, with heavy focus on Science) have 8 weapon slots, when every other Tactical ship has 7.


      1. Hard to say. Likely the lack of extended set bonuses was the driving consideration. This will be the first Risian reward ship I have any interest to try for.


    2. It’s funny stats are because it’s not one of the 3 standard classes (cruiser, escort, science). It’s a T6 destroyer; while this is a first for player use, certain NPC destroyers such as the Undine Nicor or the Breen Chel Grett have very similar configurations.


      1. I’ll be posting a review tomorrow. Splurged and bought mine last night (between computer crashes) and found it be a worthy successor to the Chel Gret.

        Fun. Definitely not tanky in the least with my build. Put out as much damage as my Guardian cruiser build, but with better mobility.


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