Conversations about the STO Community – what the last 48 hours has done for us.

What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

This weeks special edition of the SHOW is a great example of what happens when our community comes together to overcome problems.  If anything during times of like this, we see what really drive those people who have time and again defended the game.

Whether you ever cared about, or have been frustrated by the DPS League, I urge you to listen to this special event. In tonights special edition I learned more about the team efforts in the past 48 hours, the people involved, with seriously good and hard questions asked and responded to in a transparent way. Great questions tonight from Sarcasm Detector and Oden Knight.

Thanks again to Snipey47a for tonight’s link:

2 thoughts on “Conversations about the STO Community – what the last 48 hours has done for us.

  1. That moment caught me by surprise as well. I work in a professional environment, and THAT moment would never have flown there. HR moment indeed.

    Your comment carries a lot of weight.

    Like the people in the broadcast, I was caught up in the moment and laughed along thinking wrongly that ‘we’re a bunch of guys, saying guy things’. My tabletop gaming group is no different, but everyone in my gaming group are in loving relationships where if anyone of them made that comment with the wives present, it would become a very cold winter. It’s not easy getting called out for immaturity, let alone sexism.

    Especially when I don’t see myself in that light (quite the opposite) my gaming group of guys, or to that extent the guys on the SHOW as necessarily sexist. But the comment was poorly considered and I’ll bet you anything it will be reconsidered.

    To that point, i relistened to that stretch of the conversation. You’re right. I’m as guilty as the rest – except for Agreseal who did his best to sidestep it – which is in line with him as the admin of the DPS League. Don’t judge them based on our actions.

    Please accept my apology for that unsolicited joke. There is no viable excuse to have warranted the behaviour.


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