Going to be a busy evening. Might call in sick tomorrow. And Friday.


It’s Here.

You tend to forget how long it takes to set-up a new computer.  My original intention was to do an unboxing video.  Well, needless to say that went out the window because by the time I got home, my nephew had already unpacked it with the intention of setting it up for himself.

Clearly there has been a miscommunication, lol.

As for unboxing the beast, there’s not much to report. Beside arriving in an over sized black box, and weighing shy of 70 pounds, there was very little in the box beyond some creatively shaped packing materials.

Dell could learn a thing or two from Apple.

First thoughts:  OMG when did computers get this fast?  It’s so frikkin quiet.  The interface for overclocking (not gonna do it) is user friendly.   And the blue glowy bits?  I can change the colors AND program them to do weird things.  ARC under Windows 8 is surprisingly free from issues, and looks much more polished than when I first installed it.  Steam was pre-installed. Office 365 was gratis for a year (niiiiice), although not having Adobe CC out of the gate was like having a bike with no tires.

55% of STO downloaded.  Can’t wait to try it.

It’s gonna be a looooong night.

2 thoughts on “Going to be a busy evening. Might call in sick tomorrow. And Friday.

    1. I figured it out after a web search – developers can trigger effects to coincide with what happens in the game. Good news is that I can shut it off.

      As I was taking damage the LED strips went from blue to yellow and then red as I was taking damage. Cool, but immensely distracting 😉

      Also – I used your build for the Nandi – broke 27K – very happy!


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