UPDATED – STLV STO PANEL 2015: We’re Explorers Again, new video, and a few details.

Thanks again to @TrekRadio for providing the simulcast via Periscope.

Note sure if this  It was recorded (may be a limited viewing window!)- but lets start with the new Official Announcement Trailer for Season XI: New Dawn.

Here’s what we were able to gleen:

The panel started with the Executive Producer , Lead Artist , and Star Trek Onlines Lead Designer .  The panel was moderated by a coordinator from CBS .

The team shared their favorite series and episodes:

Can’t say I disagree, except for TOS – ‘Balance of Terror‘ stands as my favorite.

Next Episode: Butterfly

The introduction was geared to introducing new players to the game – I’ll skip that part, and you can watch the video online here.  They were later joined by Denise Crosby, Aaron Eisenberg, and Chase Masterson.

Star Trek Online Season XI: New Dawn

  • Brand new story arc that will take the player through 2016 and beyond
  • A story about rebuilding
  • Will feature an origin story for an existing adversary
  • That adversary has not appeared yet in Star Trek Online
  • It will deal with how the Federation and the Klingons deal with the temporal technology.
  • The season has two story lines – recovering and the fallout of the Iconian War, and the return to being explorers again.
  • A couple of new STF queues around DS9, both inside and out.
  • A new space battlezone will take place in the badlands, and the enemy of this side story will be the mirror universe (possible Tholians as well, base on the video) UPDATE: there have been consequences of the Iconian conflict in the Mirror Universe(s)
  • Mirror Leeta is an Admiral
  • Upcoming episodes will feature Nog, Tom Paris, Harry Kim and Seven of Nine
  • Sela returns for the finale, and the arc of her character is satisfying 😉
  • Admiralty system allows you to use ships in your inventory to go on special ‘tours of duty’ on campaigns.
  • Three campaigns, one for each faction will be available at the start.  More will follow
  • Each campaigns has multiple stages, and are repeatable for ‘large scale  rewards’.

More to come as we learn the details.

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