Star Trek Continues: Divided We Stand

This is the closest we’ll ever get to more Star Trek on television.  The team at Star Trek continues have knocked another episode out of the park.  Part time-travel, part morality play – Kirk and Bones find themselves caught as soldiers on the opposite sides of the American Civil War.

Check it out here:

7 thoughts on “Star Trek Continues: Divided We Stand

  1. Another boring and dull episode from Vic Mignogna’s rip off of Star Trek-New Voyages/Phase II.

    SMH. Seriously, why hasn’t CBS/Paramount put the clamps down on this crappy fan film series?


    1. We’ll have to agree to disagree. The first episodes were rough, but the last three found a stride and cadence that evoke classic trek. I had never enjoyed fan productions until these episodes 😉

      I am looking forward Axanar, I’ve supported it, and I think it will set a new standard moving forward.


      1. I actually enjoyed the earlier episodes more. This episode felt really weird for me. Like I didn’t get the whole time travel/shared hallucination/dream thing at all. Maybe I just missed important exposition but it seemed like an excuse to hook up with a Civil War re-enactors group or something.

        And is it just me or do they not know what to do with Dr McKenna? I mean she appeared in one scene in this episode and I don’t see why since she doesn’t say or do anything of importance.

        I’m not a hater btw. I love the series and the production values and even became a kickstarter backer earlier in the year. I just think they could do better. Some of the writing feels like it needs work too (for example ‘Lolani’ was a terrific episode, but I felt it could have been improved if they had not carried on the Trek tradition of having the Stupid Admiral cliche).


    2. It is interesting Christopher…that Rod Roddenberry has given STC his seal of approval. In fact, he said out of ALL the fan productions of Star Trek – he’d consider STC canon. (Sorry Phase number 2).

      Rip off of P2? Seems to me they should thank STC for making them step up their game in the production arena…if it weren’t for STC, P2 wouldn’t have new sets, new actors, bigger fund raisers…in fact, STC even inspired P2 to do more episodes per year…so, maybe their next episode should be dedicated to Star Trek Continues? #CompetitionMadeThemBetter


  2. The scale of this production is awesome. So much to love about it., The cinematography, editing, music and acting. The story is pure TOS. I suspect that TOS would have used stock footage in some of the scenes – not so in this production. It’s an amazing achievement.


  3. Dear Christopher,

    My guess is that you haven’t even watched it, as you are the same guy who trashes every episode of STC ad nauseam, only because of your hate for Vic. These episodes keep getting better and better!! Kudos to the whole Star Trek Continues team.


  4. STC is a MEGA HOMERUN HIT. The acting is top tier, the script is near flawless, the production values are thru the roof…anyone slagging this series has doesn’t have much of a leg to stand on….


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