Part One: Starship Design with Thomas Marrone

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  2. For BONUS entries: Post the answers to question one and two either on this weeks blog announcement, or in the official thread on the STO Blog.
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58 thoughts on “Part One: Starship Design with Thomas Marrone

  1. Question 1: 3D Studio Max

    Question 2: @sirboulevard with the cat related missions like “Catastrophe at Cait” and “Honor of Ferasa”


  2. Question 1: 3D Studio Max

    Question 2: The Sword of the Kuvah’Magh by krwolcott. Perfectly paced mission, great maps and satisfying combat.


  3. 1) 3D Studio Max

    I haven’t played a lot of Foundry missions as of yet, but the best I’ve played so far is:

    2) First Cause, Then Effect by @RogueEnterprise


  4. Q1: 3D Studio Max
    Q2: Divide ut Regnes by captain.hunter, despite it no longer being relevant to the universe at STO (I’ll always remember Divide et Impera though :P)

    Handle: @RogueIce


  5. Question One: What software application is used to create the final ship model: 3D Studio Max

    Question Two: Name your favorite Foundry author, and the name of the Mission: Of the ones I’ve played recently? Probably First Cause, Then Effect (by Rogue Enterprise), but I only ever tend to play the spotlight missions and even that’s only ever once in a while.


  6. Its the program 3D Studio Max. Rogue Enterprise’s Cause Before Effect is one of my favorites both because it has a good story, action, and incredibly creative use of foundry mechanics.


  7. Question #1: They use 3D Studio Max
    Question #2: First Cause, Then Effect by Rogue Enterprise was one of the first truly great foundry missions that I played, and has all the hallmarks of an awesome, isolated episode of Star Trek.


  8. 1) 3D Studio Max
    2) I can’t in good faith claim one as my favorite. I so infrequently play the Foundry, so rather than just name something just for the sake of naming something I’m gonna pass.


  9. Answers to Questions:
    1) 3D Studio Max
    2) The Temple of the Pah-Wraiths by @Captain_Revo, because it’s one of the few that I actually remember playing. I don’t run foundry missions often.


  10. The programme is: 3D Studio Max
    Favourite foundry mission is: ‘Death at Mol’Rihan’ by P_Sutherland (As it has my main making a camio :D)


  11. Q1) The final in-game model is created in 3D Studio Max.
    Q2) My favourite Foundry author is HippieJohn.
    – his mission: Spectres, Episode Six
    (a brilliant ending to the Skirmish Arc)

    in-game handle: @nxenterprise


  12. Q1) 3D Studio Max
    Q2) Purity I: Of Denial By Zorbane

    Question One: 3D Studio Max

    Question Two: Purity I, V and VI were standouts for me, but I especially enjoyed the fifth installment (authored by @Rellimtime82) because it really sold how your captain, ship and crew became fugitives.


  13. 1) 3D Studio Max
    2) Sutherland’s missions- Death and Mol’Rihan and it’s prequel. Can’t remember the name.

    I might’ve commented twice due to wordpress related confusions- sorry!)


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