Part Two – Starship Design with Thomas Marrone

This weeks entries are now closed – thank you for participating!  Three more chances to be a part of the draw – each and every Monday for the next three weeks!


For additional entries into the contest, please submit your answers here – or in the official threads on the forums.

How to Enter: 

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  2. For BONUS entries: Post the answers to question one and two either on this weeks blog announcement, or in the official thread on the STO Blog.
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38 thoughts on “Part Two – Starship Design with Thomas Marrone

  1. Question One: Where does the best reference material for #STO starships come from?
    Physical and CG models

    Question Two: What’s your favorite STF (active or inactive)?
    I’d say Borg Disconnected


  2. Question 1: Physical and CG models from the shows

    Question 2: The original Infected, from back in the “old STF” days. Some of my best in-game memories are from running that with folks.


  3. 1) Physical and CG models.

    2) I like CSA, but I pug enough that it doesn’t always love me back. Fond memories pre-DR of parking my Vo’quv on one of the lanes and being a “Wall of No”. 🙂


  4. Answer one: The physical and CG models are their best references for STO ship design.

    Answer two: I just realized that most of the queues I do and enjoy are for events, not actual STFs. For actual STFs I’d say the one I do most often is Infected Conduit. I’m really looking forward to Counterpoint though as I always enjoy seeing other people’s characters in the ground game.


  5. First Question: Physical and CG models

    Second question: The old Khitomer Accords, where you prevent them from going back, and then go back and clean up the mess, and THEN fight Donatra.


  6. Question 1: The physical and CG models used in the shows.
    Question 2: If STF by the strict definition of STF (Borg missions only), then Khitomer Vortex. Otherwise, if you mean queues in general, Mine Trap.


  7. 1) “…the physical and CG models used in the shows…”
    2) For queues in general, “Mine Trap” since my Sci-AoE-Heals are actually helpful there. For STFs by the strict definition, CSA. It is the fastest when your team is competent, and a world of pain and frustation when your team doesnt know what to do.


  8. Question #1) Physical/CG models from the shows/films

    Question #2) I’d have to say Borg Disconnected is my favorite, likely because I play that one more than any others due to the variety of marks you can get from it.

    I posted as Kyle last week, but changed it to my in-game handle. I hope that’s okay!


  9. Q1: The physical and CG models used in the shows/films
    Q2: if I had to pick one, I’d have to say Khitomer Vortex (Advanced)


  10. Q1: Physical/CG models from the shows/films.
    Q2: Undine Infiltration, because I’m awesome and know all the right answers! @heidyvonbach

    (And I thought to myself, it’s a giveaway! I should get in on the action, so yeah, yet somehow I missed the last one).


  11. Question 1: “the physical and CG models used in the shows.”

    Question 2: Borg Disconnected is my general favorite STF.


  12. Q1.) “We always look at our reference for general inspiration, […] our best examples are the physical and [computer generated] models used in the shows.”

    Q2.) A favorite STF, I would have to say the variant of the Crystalline Cataclysm STF that is active during the Crystalline event. I find the extra tricks available to the entity and the addition of the Terran Empire ships make it more fun during the limited event, that and all those sweet, sweet marks. 🙂

    Handle: @comodorejonathan
    (yes, that is how I spelled it.)


  13. Question 1:
    The best reference material for #STO starships comes from the physical and CG models used in TV series.

    Question 2:
    My favourite STF is Mine Trap. I played it about a week ago after not playing it for months and I finally remembered why I used to love it so much. It’s one of the only STFs where all doesn’t rely on DPS and mre DPS, but the point is actually to cooperate and think. 🙂


  14. I don’t know if I’m too late, but I’ll try anyway…
    Q1: physical and CG models in the shows
    Q2: Cure space, had good times in there


  15. Question #1: Physical and CG models that were used in filming the original shows

    Question #2: Infected, naturally, and not because I like parsing my DPS 🙂


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