Not a Leak Anymore ;) – The HERALD LOCKBOX is Official!

Yeesh  – Just when I thought I could head to bed, Trendy sneaks out yet another blog post.  Cutting and pasting here for expediency…


Herald Lockbox

While the Iconian War is now over, its impact can still be felt across the galaxy. Throughout the course of the conflict, Federation, Klingon, and Romulan researchers worked tirelessly to study and reverse-engineer captured Herald technology. Together, their scientists have managed to make significant breakthroughs in gateway mechanics. Though they are unable to construct new gateways, their research has led to prototypes which tap into the existing Iconian gateway network, allowing for the Heralds’ own tactics, weapons and ships to be used against them.

By opening one of the new Herald Lock Boxes, players will be able to win the Herald Quas Flight Deck Cruiser [T6]. This ship is the workhouse of the Iconian Herald fleet. This incredibly durable starship boasts excellent shield capacity and hull strength.

The Herald Quas Flight Deck Cruiser comes fitted with both a Lt Science/Command and Lt Commander Universal/Intel bridge officer seat, and one hangar of Herald Mir Fighters. In addition, the cruiser possesses the Energy Gateway Controller universal console, which can open a gateway to rapidly replenish the shields of nearby allied ships.

Finishing the Starship Mastery path on the Herald Quas Flight Deck Cruiser [T6] will grant Captains access to the following Starship Trait:

Synergistic Restoration

  • Incoming Shield Healing abilities restore a small amount of Hull Hit Points over time.
  • This can occur once every 10 sec.

The Lobi Store now offers the Herald Baltim Heavy Raider [T6]. Baltim Raiders are the most commonly recognized starships of the Herald fleets, and are known for their deadly hit-and-run tactics. They offer Captains a tremendous amount of firepower and durability for a ship of its class.

The Baltim has both a Lt Universal/Pilot and Lt Commander Universal/Intel bridge officer seat, and is equipped with the Ambush Gateway Generator universal console. When activated, the Ambush Gateway Generator creates a gateway around your starship. After a brief delay, the gateway teleports your ship approximately 3km behind your target, while giving you a boost to damage and critical chance.

Finishing the Starship Mastery path on the Herald Baltim Heavy Raider [T6] will grant Captains access to the following Starship Trait:


  • Firing Directed Energy weapons at an enemy’s rear arc regenerates your shields.

Finally, the Herald Lock Box contains the Herald Vonph Dreadnought Carrier [T6]. This incredibly rare Tier 6 starship has a small chance to be rewarded in place of Lobi Crystals when opening the lock box. Every box has the chance of containing this ultra-rare prize, in addition to any other prize you also receive, giving exceedingly lucky players the opportunity to acquire two separate ships from opening a single box.

The colossal Vonph Dreadnought Carrier is slow to maneuver, but incredibly durable and versatile. It has both a Lt Engineering/Intel and Lt Commander Universal/Command bridge officer seat, and comes with two hangar bays of Herald Mir Fighters. Additionally, the Vonph features the Oblivion Gateway Module universal console. Using the console creates an Oblivion Gateway near your target which periodically pulses with solar radiation, heavily damaging nearby enemies.

Finishing the Starship Mastery path on the Herald Vonph Dreadnought Carrier [T6] will grant Captains access to the following Starship Trait:

Peak Efficiency

  • Reduces the Recharge Time of all Bridge Officer abilities every 5 sec.
  • Requires being at or above 80% Hull Strength.

All three consoles can be fitted onto any Herald starship, and comprise the Herald Tactics console set. Equipping two consoles increases your Critical Severity and Flight Turn Rate. Equipping all three consoles gives access to the Solar Flare Gateway ability. Using Solar Flare Gateway creates a solar gateway behind your target, which then fires a beam of solar radiation at the target, dealing radiation damage.

(Complete descriptions and stats for each of these starships will be posted in a separate Dev Blog o the official forums)

Recovered from the field of battle, this lock box contains the Polymorphic Probe Array universal console. Usable on any ship, the console deploys three Polymorphic Viral Probes. Once active, the probes infect enemy ships with an enhanced version of Viral Matrix, which disables subsystems and deals damage.

A new set of Genetic Sequencers (Trait Unlocks) can be obtained from this lock box, giving new offensive and defensive options based off Critical Hits. Each of the following four (4) Trait Packs can be obtained by Captains:

Self-Modulating Shots (Ground)

  • Outgoing ranged Critical Hits give you a 50% Shield Penetration buff for 10 sec.
  • Can trigger once every 45 sec.

Photonic Armor Protocol (Ground)

  • Incoming Critical Hits give you Temporary Hit Points for 15 sec.
  • Can trigger once every 60 sec.

Self-Modulating Fire (Space)

  • Outgoing energy weapon and projectile Critical Hits give you a 50% Shield Penetration buff for 10 sec.
  • Can trigger once every 45 sec.

Photonic Field Protocol (Space)

  • Incoming Critical Hits give you Temporary Hit Points for 15 sec.
  • Can trigger once every 60 sec.

Alliance engineers have developed prototype Kits which enhance weapon damage, and can be obtained by as one of the potential prizes from the Herald Lock Box. Opening a Herald Kit Pack gives a Kit appropriate to your profession and level. In addition to offering standard skill bonuses, such as increases to Willpower and Combat Armor, each kit frame will enhance weapons with a randomly chosen damage type, such as Polaron or Disruptor.

Researchers have also studied Iconian tactics and capabilities, resulting in new Universal Kit Modules. Freely usable by any profession, these Kit Modules offer Captains additional methods to control the flow of battle. Opening a Herald Module pack will reward you with one of four (4) Kit Modules appropriate to your level.

Solar Gateway (Universal Kit Module)

  • Creates a Solar Gateway near your location.
  • After a brief delay, fires a continuous beam of solar radiation at the nearest target, causing damage. 

Overcharge Turret (Universal Kit Module)

  • Creates an Overcharge Turret at your location.
  • Fires blasts of overcharged Antiproton energy in a cone, damaging and knocking back targets within its firing arc. 

Gravimetric Traps (Universal Kit Module)

  • Creates two Gravimetric Traps near your location.
  • Gravimetric Traps seek out enemies, holding and dealing damage to foes caught within.

Mass Gravimetric Detonation (Universal Kit Module)

  • Creates three Gravimetric Detonation Fields around the target.
  • The fields detonate after a brief delay, damaging and knocking back targets within. 

The last of the new prizes available from the Herald Lock Box comes in the form of Herald Antiproton Weaponry. These weapons fire antiproton infused dark matter at their targets. They are highly efficient, and have a chance to further enhance the user’s weapon damage for a short time when fired.

Herald Antiproton Projectors are designed to properly contain the dark matter when exposed to atmospheres, allowing for ground use. These staff-like weapons fire concentrated beams, with similar firing modes to existing ground technology.

Inspired by the Herald commanding forces, the following items are now available on the Lobi Crystal Store:

THIS is what get posted when you're over-tired ;)
THIS is what get posted when you’re over-tired 😉  YES – I WANTZES

 Herald Tactical Combat Armor Mk II <—waaa?  MK II?

  • Increases the wearer’s Critical Chance and Severity.
  • Offers high Physical, Kinetic and Energy Damage Resistance.
  • Purchasing unlocks access to the Herald Heavy Armor Outfit.
  • This item is freely upgradable to Mk XII, allowing Captains of all level ranges to use it. 

Advanced Herald Antiproton Beam Projector Mk II <—waaa?  MK II?

  • Fires Herald Antiproton energy, with a chance to increase weapon damage for a short time.
  • Primary weapon fire chains to up to 2 additional targets.
  • Secondary weapon fire launches a concentrated ball of energy which explodes on contact, dealing damage in a small area.
  • This item is freely upgradable to Mk XII, allowing Captains of all level ranges to use it. 

Initially observed and classified on the New Romulus system, the Triconipus species has been discovered on multiple worlds with Iconian gateways. Known for being quirky, playful and affectionate, the Lobi Crystal Consortium has begun offering these creatures as exotic pets. The consortium is quick to point out that while the Triconipus has tentacles and floats through the air, they are completely harmless and actively flee combat situations. Purchasing the Triconipus Companion Non-Combat Pet Pack gives players a randomly selected Triconipus breed.

Peeps.  They’re Peeps.  They better come in Yellow.

Players may also purchase the Herald Thrall Outfit from the Lobi Crystal Store. This new outfit resembles those worn by low-ranking Herald forces, and is compatible with the Herald Heavy Armor outfit.

The Herald Lock Box will also include the Full-size R&D Pack and numeric boosts seen in the Year of Hell Lock Box. These valuable prizes make participating in the R&D system far simpler, by supplying a wide variety of difficult-to-obtain materials, as well as Catalysts to increase your chances of critical success.

The list of potential boosts is as follows:

  • 35,000 Fleet Credit Bonus Pool
  • 25,000 Fleet Credit Bonus Pool
  • 20,000 CXP Bonus Pool
  • 10,000 CXP Bonus Pool
  • 150 Fleet Mark Bonus Pool
  • 100 Fleet Mark Bonus Pool
  • 750 Reputation Mark Bonus Pool
  • 500 Reputation Mark Bonus Pool
  • Dilithium Mining Claim – Extra-Special VIP Customer
  • Dilithium Mining Claim – VIP Customer <— we really need to talk about these.  I have HUNDREDS
  • Extra-large R&D Experience Bonus Pool
  • Large R&D Experience Bonus Pool
  • +25 Skill Rating Catalyst (10)
  • +25 Skill Rating Catalyst (5)
  • Salvaged Technology (2) YAY
  • Salvaged Technology (1) YAY

The Herald Lock Box, as well as these thematic additions to the Lobi Crystal Store, will become available with the launch of our Season 11 Update on October 27th, 2015, at approximately 10:00am PST.

9 thoughts on “Not a Leak Anymore ;) – The HERALD LOCKBOX is Official!

  1. I think you missed where the Lobi ground items have free upgrades. It’s meant to allow any player of any level to use those items as long as they want to while leveling.


  2. Ooh! ooh! I know why it says MK II! I know something! After how today has been its nice to not feel like a total loser.
    Freely upgraded means it advances to your level MK. But like the old fashioned fed phaser it starts at MK II and you take it up. Upside – free levels. Downside – (in my experience with them) it gives you a 0 % upgrade chance for a long long time. Even to mark 12.


    1. I’d love to be able to donate / gift / convert with a tax the damned things;) It’s not a bad thing to have them, and having many is a blessing.

      As a ship collector, opening boxes gives us a wealth of things we can sell – the only exception being the claims.


      1. Ah yeah, I forgot they bind.

        That triconipus pet, I swear that looks like the Hydras that use to inhabit Paragon City’s sewers and Perez Park. 😀


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