Quality of Life Improvement – Dry Docking – Coming Soon After XI: A New Dawn Launch

Evil Drydock

This is something a player can really get excited about, especially if you collect ships in Star Trek Online.  On the heels of the Admiralty System announcement (yeah, yeah, I’ll have a review in a bit)- a way to deploy your previously acquired ships on mission – many of us in the community were wary of how the system would support our ever-growing collections with a hard cap at 30 ships per character.

Back in May we proposed a system to re-box ships, not for resale, but to allow them to be used with other characters on the same account.  The idea was also meant to free up space for players who were exceeding their storage limit for starships. Star Trek Online provides a limited number of free slots per toon, expandable through in-game purchases.  Not everyone can afford to pay for storage after investing in a new ship, and for hardcore collectors like me the limit per toon was becoming a serious issue.

Enter the Dry-dock (Dry Dock, Mothball Fleet, Long Term Storage)

Dry-docking will be released sometime during Season XI.  While we don’t have specifics on the launch date – and it’s a shame it doesn’t coincide with the Admiralty System – dry-docking essentially will allow players to ‘put the old girl into mothballs’ freeing up some much needed space in the players storage.

Yeah, yeah the E should have been assembled in ORBIT – but IT IS a dry dock 😉

Announced earlier today by Cameron “Cryptic Batsoup” Johnston – this new system feature was immediately well-received by the community.  While it’s not a re-boxing system we’d (I’d) like, it’s a huge step forward.

Anyone familiar with Amarillo Design Bureau, Inc’s Federation & Empire will understand the concept, as the Klingon’s were well known for staying on a war-footing by maintaining the production of starships during peacetime and pushing them into mothball fleets for their eventual need later on.

Some behind-the-scenes artwork by John Eaves
Some behind-the-scenes artwork from JJ-Verse Star Trek by John Eaves


For Star Trek Online players, the assigning of ships into dry-dock will have benefits:

  • Players retain the use of the ship, both for the Admiralty System, and if later needed it can be restored to your roster.
  • Pushing the ship into dry-dock will free up an active ship slot (YAY).
  • You will retain any development or completion of Ship Mastery’s applied to that ship.

But like anything that’s good, there’s a small downside:

  • The ship will lose any customization of it’s costume.  That’s not an entirely bad thing as you can save the costume in the editor BEFORE you push the old girl into mothballs.
  • The ship will be reverted to it’s base configuration – which means your gear will be returned to your inventory.  While not a huge issue, for many of us that will mean we need to expand our personal bank spaces or place that gear on new ships still in active use.  Thankfully, Star Trek Online is giving us 12 free spaces if you act quickly.

What we don’t know yet, and I’m asking for clarification on :

  • Will the ships ‘unique and proprietary console/weapons’ be stored with ship?  I’m thinking yes.

More to come as we get details 😉

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