Starship Design with Thomas Marrone – Part Five


It’s been an amazing 5 weeks, and I hope you’ve enjoyed the blog series and contest!  We’ll begin tallying the entries Wednesday evening, with the drawing taking place Friday evening.  Winner will be announce in the blog here AND on the forums over at Cryptic.

For additional entries into the contest, please submit your answers here – or in the official threads on the forums.

How to Enter: 

  1. Subscribe to this blog, or to my twitter account. (pretty simple, 1 entry per, automatically every week)
  2. For BONUS entries: Post the answers to question one and two either on this weeks blog announcement, or in the official thread on the STO Blog.
  3. Or, Tweet you answers, including your in-game handle to @Lootcritter.

NOTE: If your entry doesn’t appear automatically on the blog, don’t worry and send me emails – it’s just that I have not approved your first post.

28 thoughts on “Starship Design with Thomas Marrone – Part Five

  1. Question #1: Captain JamJamz

    Question #2: I honestly have no idea, LOL

    Question #3: My guess would be the Na’kuhl, given the Temporal Cold War arc we seem to be heading down.


  2. Question One: Jamjamz

    Question Two: You know, I was thinking about that question… and the image that cropped to my mind was the artificial environment that McCoy once almost was stuck staying at.

    Question Three [Unofficial Bonus Question]: That race tied to the anticlimatic end of the conflict with the Xindi. The name I recall is Vosk, but I dimly recall it was a character name rather than the species name of those aliens in Nazi uniforms.


      1. Found it! Yonada.

        It’s an asteroid featured in TOS 3×10 “For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky”

        Granted, not a planet, but I was thinking of places we hadn’t been to before and that concept hasn’t been addressed.


  3. #1—JamJamz

    #2—not sure if i understood it right but id get a class N type planet

    #3—Na’kuhl of course i guessed that back when we started heading to temporal manipulation , like Daniels told archer time travel was invented in the early 25th century and it was not long after that laws had to be made and the Na’kuhl are one of the ones who violated the temporal accords


  4. 1 – Captain JamJamz. And boy am I glad for that revamp!
    2 – Class G? It wasn’t named on the show, but allegedly Delta Vega from the 2nd pilot was Class G.
    3 – I dunno! David’s argument for the Na’kuhl sounds convincing, so I guess I’ll go with that!


  5. 1.) JamJamz
    2.) Class K (at least that’s what makes most sense to me after refreshing my memory on Memory Alpha)


  6. 1. JamJamz
    2. I honestly don’t know the original series well enough to answer this.
    3. The Dominion (maybe this is more a wish than what I think is going to happen)


  7. Q1: Ship Artist Captaim JamJamz!
    Q2: Maybe a Class Y? It’s been a long time since I saw the Original Series
    Bonus: We haven’t seen the Sphere Builders themselves, not directly, anyway.


  8. 1) Captain JamJamz
    2) As all the others, I have no idea what exactly you mean by planet type. But looking at the current stardate, my answer is a “Halloween-type-planet” like in Catspaw. 😉
    3)Na’kuhl, fortunately it was right on my path to the planet i wanted to explore on tribble.


  9. 1. Captain JamJamz
    2. It depends what you mean by ‘seeing’ a planet, and by type. If we’re going by standard planetary classification; based on Memory Alpha, the types named (besides the ubiquitous ‘M-class’) in the TOS series were K-class and D-class – the rest were added afterwards. Both of these have examples in STO; however, if memory (and wiki) serves, we’ve only been in orbit of K-class (On board Utopia Planetia during the anniversary, and a Romulan space patrol mission), whereas we’ve been on a D-class (within the Signal outpost at Bomari…). So we’ve seen a K-class (or ‘K-type’), but not from a ground eye view.
    3. Na’Kuhl is the common sense bet.


  10. Question 1: Captain JamJamz
    Question 2: No clue, haven’t seen much of TOS. Most of the planets we have visited have been habitable, so I’m guessing its one of the more dangerous planet types.
    Question 3: The Na’Khul, most likely.


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