And the Winners Are…

Before you scroll down the page to see if you’re the lucky person(s), I need to thank a few people without whom this article series and contest would not have been as successful as it has been.  Back when the conversation started about starship design, I had no idea how far it would evolve, or how you would react to it.  As the process grew and it evolved into a contest, the support I’ve had from Cryptic has been wonderful.

  • Thank you to Thomas (aka  ), without his eager and in-depth replies to my questions, this process would never have been possible;
  • A HUGE hug to Morrigan (aka ) & STO for her shepherding the review process and wrangling the Zen bonus for the prizes;
  • I can’t thank the guys at The SHOW enough for their highly vocal support in raising awareness of my blog and the contest;
  • /r/sto for allowing my frequent and sometimes bothersome posts in the Reddit forums;
  • YOU for following along through this journey.

So without much more, here are the Winners:

Third Place – 900 lobi ship of your choice + 500 Zen goes to: @nak3dsnake

Second Place – Jem’Hadar Strike Ship (you pick the variant) + 1000 Zen: @sentinel64 

First Prize – an Annorax Science Dreadnought + 1500 Zen: @kiriamaya

Winners will be notified in game to arrange a time to receive the ship; @LaughingTrendy will reward the zen in-game.

Thank you everyone!

David Desjardins
aka Lootcritter

5 thoughts on “And the Winners Are…

  1. Congratulations and envy to you three! I hope you all enjoy your wonderful prizes!

    Lootcritter, Trendy and Thomas, thank you all for not just the contest but the awesome interview and insight into the creative processes going on over there!


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