STF – Assault on Terok Nor

STO Heidy offers an above average guide to the perils of the new STF “Assault on Terok Nor“, and the benefits of being prepared.  Check out her post, or for more – checkout here blog here.

Heidy's Highly Wily MMORPG Blog

teroknorI’ve run the new STF – Assault on Terok Nor enough times in the past week that I feel I can write a rough guide for it. This STF is pretty brutal for PUGs, because it’s very difficult to complete without decent coordination within the team, and can be downright frustrating if you get pugged with someone who has no idea what’s going on. I managed to finish one pugged run the other night in record time, but the individual team members were all pretty clued in as to what they need to be doing; for every run like that, I had three others that took forever. So here’s some tips as to how to go about it, based on my experiences so far.

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